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Spiritual Warfare: The Nature Of The Frontline

There are a series of threads that run throughout the ancient writings when we observe the relations and potential relation between God and mankind.

One of these threads is the thread of 'calling'.

God is calling.

Though calling is very unique to every individual to join in harmony with God and to reflect some unique element of His glory and love, at the same time there is the call to every one of us to join together with God, as Jesus taught and demonstrated to us in the epic call.

The voice of God is calling everyone to come to Him and participate in the Divine Nature, escaping as a result the death grip imposed upon man through the surrender of Adam to the powers of what is created versus the powers of He who has created all things and to do so as His own sons and His own daughters.

We are called to an inheritance that is incorruptible and that can never fade.

However, the thread teaches us that call, which is initiated by God, to complete the cycle of union requires response on the part of the invited.

Call...response...call...response is the thematic thread.

God calls...man responds...or does not respond.

Though called to walk the earth and appear upon the stage of history, now in this generation, what will we do?

What will you do?

And What will you do about the mission laid at our feet to exorcise the spirit powers of evil from every quarter of the earth and usher into the void the splendors of God in a divine reflection of His own image and likeness flowing in splendid liberating fashion, filling the earth with His glory?

In spiritual warfare the front lines can be a lonely place.

Not so many people are comfortable being there.

Though the many are called and invited to join the Son of God at the point of battle, it turns out not so many echo a wholehearted response to the call (see Matthew 22:14 & Revelation 17:14) and so count themselves out of the great breakthroughs and powerful victories as well.

There are things that happen there that, as every soldier knows, can’t really be related and shared with someone who has never been in that place.

The veterans know.

They've seen a lot. More than they wanted to at times. They've experienced a lot. Much of it directed at them with the intent of their demise. They've been in the firefights where all hell is breaking loose, literally. They've engaged hand to hand, face to face in combat with the enemy. It's hard for them to tell everything they've seen to those who have never been there.

The veterans know though.

In addition to a certain level of loneliness, you must also prepare yourself to take the brunt of the dangers and difficulties the front lines bring with the territory.

It will be okay though because you are there with the undefeatable Champion Jesus Christ, the Captain of Salvation, battle hardened and experienced.

Paul wrote to his young charge Timothy and encouraged him to be ready to ‘endure hardness’ by maintaining his passions for the cause he was engaged in and not allowing the noise of battle to distract him from his mission (see 2nd Timothy 2:3).

You will learn to keep a cool head in the middle of intense action.

On the front lines, you will need to stay spiritually, mentally and physically sharp and agile.

The ability move with deft swiftness and efficiency means you can’t carry with you and within you the weight of a lot of extra things.

Of course, someone not in your position can and will likely live a different existence to yours but if you are one in the thick of battle there are things to consider and other things not to consider.

After Paul spoke to Timothy of enduring hardness, he went on to say,

No Warrior engaged in battle entangles himself with the preoccupying biases and concerns of this life in order that he may dedicate himself to the causes of the commander of the army (2nd Timothy 2:4).

The ones engaged in active duty in this all volunteer army of spiritual warriors run lean and as far as spiritual aggression versus the darkness, you could say they run mean as well.

It is after all a fight involving life and death on a level of supernatural conflict many will never quite understand, but you must understand.

You are different. You will be different. You will live differently. You have cause.

There will be battles and you will be in them.

There will be wounds and you may get some of them.

There will be casualties and it’s possible that you may be one, but you can’t panic in the middle of it all and if you do go down, the Captain of our Salvation, of our ‘Yasha’ healing and restoring power of infinite life knows how to bring you back and raise you up again.

I've been down. I know.

Don’t quite. Don’t ever quit. You may need a period of convalescence, but don’t ever give up. You are not the ‘kind’ that draws back all the way again into perdition. Your call is higher than that.

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