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Spiritual Warfare: Battles And Objectives

Before getting to an overview in the next few days of the armor itself that every spiritual warrior is supplied, but must be applied, let's take a quick tour of battlefield objectives.

There are a set of objectives in every spiritual battle we are sent into and the tools and weapons we are given can be utilized in achieving these objectives.

We can find at least a partial list of these objectives in Paul's writing to our brothers and sisters in supernatural arms who in his day were living in the city of Corinth;

Even though you and I are walking about in the envelope of our human physical bodies, our military expeditions, our raiding parties, are not conducted by any physical means,

For the implements, the tools of war and the armaments we possess and use in our campaigns are not made of temporal and material substance, but instead what we have is far higher and far more powerful, and mighty, and overpowering in the excellencies of God and are uniquely instrumental for the pulling down and utter demolition of fortified strong holds of possession.

They are effective in bringing lower, casting down and destroying, bringing into subjection imaginations (the pictographic images) that form the base of subsequent purposed reasoning, and conjunctively then, every heightened and elevated thing that has hoisted itself up and structured itself as if it could oppose the knowledge, understanding and perceptions of God, consequently leading away bound and captive every device of thought, philosophy and perception instead to attentive hearing and listening to the counsels of Christ, surrendering to his voice (1st Corinthians 10:3-5).

The first thing to obviously point out once again is our war is not fought and won on a physical plane but on the higher spiritual plane of existence.

A good soldier understands their most productive course of action is to apply pressure and attack where it counts the most.

At the level of the spiritual dimension is the actual nerve center, the headquarters and energizing communications center that instructs and projects its influence.

If you destroy the spirit communications and cause the command center to go silent, you have gained supreme advantage as the spiritual energy at the causative level is also stopped.

The second thing to notice is our weapons come to us from God and as such are spiritual and not of any material substance, though their effect will clearly show up in the physical world.

As such, they are therefore extremely powerful and you need to trust that power. I sometimes think of the weapons as our invisible death rays being broadcast against evil and though you may not be able to see the invisible death ray it is definitely doing its work whenever you turn the switches on and fire it up.

The glory of God radiates through them a powerful divine frequency out from you, bringing eternal judgments upon them according to what is written.

The third thing is there are strong holds and these are what the weapons are uniquely designed to demolish.

A strong hold is just what it sounds like. It is a fortified position the enemy has dug in on and is not planning on giving up. It has to be taken away by application of superior power in pitched battle.

This is where you come in and your refusal to allow it to exist any longer as mentioned in the last series of blog posts.

If you or I allow it to remain it will stay.

When we are sent to a front, we have to make that determined choice and stay with it until the full measure of the triumph of Jesus Christ eradicates the enemy.

The battles can be long depending on the conditions so you must be steady in demand.

This is why there are so many references in the New Order (Testament) on the topic of patience, and longsuffering as the Old English describes it.

Longsuffering in effect ought to be translated more accurately to something like 'undaunted pursuit of an eternally rooted objective'.

I you recall, the current occupants of Canaan did not just vacate the territories once Israel showed up informing them they had come to receive what God had declared by divine right was theirs.

Next Topic: Breaking Up The Stronghold

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