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Spiritual Warfare: Breaking Up The Stronghold

In yesterday's post, Blog 144, we discussed spiritual battles and the objectives of that battle drawing from the apostle Paul's writing to the Corinthian Jesus apprentices.

Let me repeat the particular passage of his apostolic letter to them here:

Even though you and I are walking about in the envelope of our human physical bodies, our military expeditions, our raiding parties, are not conducted by any physical means,

For the implements, the tools of war and the armaments we possess and use in our campaigns are not made of temporal and material substance, but instead what we have is far higher and far more powerful, and mighty, and overpowering in the excellencies of God and are uniquely instrumental for the pulling down and utter demolition of fortified strongholds of possession.

They are effective in bringing lower, casting down and destroying, bringing into subjection imaginations (the pictographic images) that form the base of subsequent purposed reasoning, and conjunctively then, every heightened and elevated thing that has hoisted itself up and structured itself as if it could oppose the knowledge, understanding and perceptions of God, consequently leading away bound and captive every device of thought, philosophy and perception instead to attentive hearing and listening to the counsels of Christ, surrendering to his voice (1st Corinthians 10:3-5).

When we reach the second stage of this passage of scripture on our weapons, we get into some details regarding what we are attacking and this is important.

Spirits are communicative beings that emanate something like a wavelength or radio signal broadcasting skillfully, emotionally charged pictorial thoughts according to their ‘kind’.

A lying spirit for example will convey out emotionally charged pictorial thoughts designed to convince you the way to appease a situation would be to lie about it. And the lie, or whatever spirit you are dealing with, will provide in the picture the suggested solution.

You have to reject the image of the one opposed to God’s image, as in this instance it is truth you must prize.

So we are told what we will be doing and what we will be bringing into subjection, whether we are dealing with individuals, families, neighborhoods, villages, cities, counties, provinces, states, regions, nations or whatever, are entities who express in the form of imaginations (Greek: logismos, from which we get the word logic and meaning, reasoning, speech and discourse, conceptions and ideas, types of consciousness).

We will find these things are heightened things as in a top of mind awareness with a person or geography that is the predominant center or centers around which thought processes revolve that have exalted themselves above what is the knowledge of God which, as we have covered, in its basic definition is the spirit of expanding, freeing, ‘Yasha life’ versus debilitating, oppressive sarar implosions contrary to ‘Yasha’.

(NOTE: if you are reading this today and do not know what we mean by 'Yasha' it is the Hebrew word for 'salvation' and is rooted in the nature of God, defining the 'God Effect'. In essence it means; to make wide, enlarged, make spacious, open, free, unrestricted freedom of movement, freedom to breathe, unbound, released from all that would limit, to be greater than what is, unlimited expanse, all sufficient and sufficient for all, no end.)

In the arena of Spirit to spirit warfare, we are in fact resisting then reversing thoughts and entire thought processes by striking boldly, and with the power of the Holy Spirit, the spirit broadcast of root thoughts within a person or location that has caused their reactive oppressions, fears, and other maladies against the richness of God.

It is the war of the worlds reaching into the very thoughts and pictographic imaginations of a geopolitical region stemming all the way from the life of an individual to the entire system of darkness that oppresses whole nations and the whole earth.

Our Champion Jesus leads the way and knows the high arts of what works.

But it's not as simple as going in and giving someone, “a darn good talking to”, because until you have bound up the evil spirit and stopped its voice, the emanation of emotionally charged pictorial thoughts will continue and the truth of the matter is, until that stops they will not be able to hear you clearly.

The cloud of darkness must be broken by the power of God.

That's where we come in.

You must first apply superior power in silencing the one by forcing its subjection to the name (rank and power) of Jesus Christ so you can then feely spoil the enemy and turn entirely the heart of the person or geography, whatever its size.

I hope that is helpful in letting you see what is going on behind the scenes and why we know until we change the spirit or spirits that are impacting a geography or person, we cannot get to the root of things.

But on the other hand, if we can change the Spirit that is communicating the emotionally charged pictorial thoughts from darkness to light, then we can indeed alter the destiny of people and nations.

Change the spirit...change the product.

Our prayers release divine power.

Our words paint pictures.

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