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Spiritual Warfare: Within The Domain The Dominant Voice Molds the Minds

I am sure you've noticed that one of the threads weaving its way through the entire body of scripture is the theme of 'voice'. From beginning to end it is about our own resonance with 'voice' and what broadcast signals our inner ears are tuned to hear.

Who is it that the heart listens to?

What is its name, its meaning, its rank, power and what are its attributes and intents?

Along with the theme of voice is the theme of 'kind' in that everything produces and reproduces according to its 'kind'.

In the knowledge of voice and who our heart is tuned to hear is woven the knowledge of 'kind' as we learn the power of what is called 'word' and the effect of 'word' within the imagination and ultimately the expression of the person into the world.

Will that expression mirror the image and the likeness of God because the seed of His word is active within your imagination, or will you or I give honor to words and imaginations whose 'kind' is born from an entirely different source?

Will we resonate with life or death? Light or darkness? The effusive life of God in infinite liberty, power and love, or with the darkness in the devouring corridors of oppression of these things?

Does this power of replication according to voice apply just to individual persons, or does it also apply to larger geopolitical territories?

Can an entire culture of people be under the influence of a certain voice or voices and be affected accordingly?

Within The Domain

I was in prayer one day and the topic under consideration in the Spirit was the topic of the Kingdom of God. As the conversation began to unfold the Spirit began to change the word, breaking it down in different forms.

As it was taking place I could actually see the words. Here is how it went;

First there came out of ‘Kingdom’ just the last part which is ‘dom’. This seemed strange at first but then it started to morph into other forms like ‘dominion’ and ‘domicile’ and ‘domestic’ and ‘domain’. But then the word took on a final form and when it took the form of ‘dome’ my eyes lit up with a vision.

I found myself in a space like a garden, but over the space, I will call it geography, there was a dome that arched over it.

The next thing that I realized was a sound that was being broadcast.

Within the dome this broadcast could be heard everywhere because the sound was being broadcast from the high point of the dome.

Now the thing about the sound was that it had a direct effect on everything within the dome. As the sound changed and shifted in different ways, so did the life within the subculture of the dome.

I realized it was the sound being broadcast from the high place that formed conditions within the dome. I also began to realize within the sound there was a voice and life inside the dome was moved by the voice.

It then became clear to me that whatever voice was at the high place within any domain would directly affect life within the domain or dome. The dome signified geographical spheres of influence.

This all served to help me understand what is happening in the arena of spiritual warfare within any domain from that of individual all the way to global effects. Whatever voice is prominent within the domain rules life within the domain.

It is about voice and it has always been about voice.

As the children of God, the ‘ekklesia’ or those echoing the image and likeness of God, the sons and daughters speaking into any place the high and powerful Words of God as prophetic people, we are literally altering conditions within whatever domicile we are speaking into.

Suddenly, I realized why God has chosen what we call ‘preaching’, that seems an odd methodology, to change the conditions of human lives from down to up, from negative to positive and from darkness to light.

For our speaking about the cross, uttering the words, the ideas and concepts, the thoughts and instructions meant by it, is valued by those who are lost and perishing and on their way to ruin and destruction as a strange and seemingly senseless practice, as something even a bit odd and absurd, yet for us who are saved and made whole by it, being restored and reconciled (to God) it is valued as the very strength, might and miracle working power of God in our lives.

And just like it was written in advance (God said), ‘I will render completely useless the highest wisdom of the very wisest, putting that wisdom to death and abolishing it, and nullify, void, reject and cast out the highest reasoning and combative considerations of the most learned ones’

They will say, ‘What happened to the skilled artificer of our philosophy and oratory? What happened to the teaching and teachers of our religion (the forms of our worship)? What happened to our master thought leaders in regard to our world? They have become empty, flat and tasteless and now their words seem foolish for they have no meaning at all with God!

For now at this time, enveloping the wisdom of God, the world based on its wisdom did not know God, and it gives God great pleasure that by the simplicity and oddities of our speaking and uttering words, ideas and concepts, that salvation, wholeness, restoration and reconciliation would come to those persuaded to believe (1st Corinthians 1:18-21).

Never underestimate the power of words and your call to speak as the oracle of God.

Your words do not have to be spoken in the classic style of modern ‘preaching’ we seem to have adopted, but like Jesus words, your words too are ‘spirit’ (see John 6:63).

In fact, all words carry the formative power of spirit in them. You have an advantage as the words of God flowing to us from Jesus Christ are already dominant.

I hope you are hearing them directly from Jesus.

That would be my highest desire for you.

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