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Spiritual Warfare: Introducing Supernatural Weapons

Let me start today by saying, if you don't want to be involved in the supernatural, and to deal with powers far beyond normal, and to become directly involved in the healing and restoration of earth in symphonic union with heaven, you have picked the wrong faith with which to become involved.

What is called Christianity then, is not for you.

The creation of humankind and the continuing work of the living Jesus Christ and his warrior band known as 'the church' (which is actually called the 'ekklesia' meaning those who echo the image and likeness of God), has one great purpose in mind and that purpose is the full and complete exorcism of all evil from the earth, which involves the casting out of devils.

This is how the healing and restoration of the earth takes place;

"How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of all Wholeness) and with all relevant power: who subsequently therefore went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; and the cause of all of this was the fact that God was with him" (Act 10:38).

"If I (Jesus) with the finger of God cast out devils, then there is no longer any doubt that the word and power, revelation and dominion of God has appeared among you, right in front of your faces." (Luke 11:20).

"And these signs will follow in the wake of those who believe; in my name (Jesus Christ) they will cast out devils..." (Mark 16:17).

Over the next period of time we are going to go through in this blog a quick snapshot of each of the offensive weapons in Ephesians chapter six and this is by no means the limit of what is ours on a more expansive scale as we also have ‘the gifts of the Spirit’ that we won’t be examining in these writings.

In these pages we will introduce though the armor of God, but each of these in itself is so rich I will simply plant seeds here that should give you enough to meditate and expand on further, ultimately making you more offensive yet to the darkness in increasingly larger, upwardly mobile spirals.

I want you to be great and I want you to have the requisite tools to take down strongholds and release prisoners and bound up conditions. The armaments given us by our Father God will empower you and me to do this thing.

I've often heard that the weapons outlined by our brother Paul in Ephesians were all for defense except for the Sword of the Spirit. That kind of made sense at first, but given the nature of the very aggressive start to this passage of scripture, I've changed my mind.

I think they are all offensive to the enemy spirits because each one of them gives us power to be even more effective, walking in divine might emanating straight to us from the throne of Jesus Christ at the right hand of God.

They will fill us with boldness and confidence.

We have taken a look at bits and pieces of this passage in other areas of this study, but here it is in larger format for you to read again;

"What is still remaining to say, my blood brothers, is this; Increase in the strength and enablements enveloping the Lord and in turn be enveloped in the dominion of the great and mighty power of his own exact same force and ability.

Clothing and enduing yourselves in the whole panoply of armament from God, fully and completely, as this will give you the advantage of power to stand fixed, firm and immoveable against the crafty arts, wiles and methods of deceit employed by the devil (the slanderer who accuses, oppresses and seeks to dominate by falsehoods and lies),

For our contest, the very vibrations of conflict, the wrestling in which one is cast down in defeat at the hands of the other, is void of all reference towards flesh and blood persons, but the reference points are above and beyond this, in superior advantage over and above principalities, and in superior advantage over and above powers, and in superior advantage over and above the rulers of the darkness of this world, to the superior advantage over and above spiritual wickedness in unseen, invisible high and heavenly (spirit) places.

Based upon this, and for this reason and cause, rise, take up and receive to yourselves the entire panoply of armament from God, fully and completely in order that you may be full of power and ability to set yourself against and oppose (anthistemi) any and every day and time of evil, any time of trouble, hardship, oppression, pain, peril, disease or any influence of these things, and having achieved all of this, to continue to sustain the ruling supremacy upon the ground in question.

Stand fixed and immoveable then, consequently, as touching your loins, protect, surround, belt and encircle them with truth, and also clothe yourself from the neck to the belly with the breastplate of righteousness;

And bind to your feet like sandals the ever ready preparation of the news, the good news of our peace, harmony, security, safety and prosperity that has come;

Epically speaking, in relation to everything else, rise and take up the shield of faith you are to receive, enveloping yourself in the empowered state of mind that stifles, suppresses, extinguishes every one of the glowing, fiery, inflamed and indignant missile like arrows of the wicked, designed to cause you trouble, hardship, peril and grief.

Likewise, take up and receive that helmet which is to encircle your head with salvation, and the sword of war for the execution of the judgments of the Spirit, which is the word being spoken by the living voice of God,

Praying always with all prayer, drawing out your supply and sustenance from within the Spirit and keeping your eyes in continual watch with focused intensity of purpose towards the cause enveloping yourselves with the sum of all prevailing, unrelenting (no retreat), unshakable courage, and likewise for the provision of sustaining elements on behalf of all the saints (the warriors of God),

And for my sake too, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth and speak boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel (Ephesians 6:10-19).

Be enveloped in Power.

That is the point.

Power is a spiritual thing and there is no greater than God.

Being enveloped in power that is greater than the lower level power activating evil thoughts and intents upon people is the point of our armaments provided.

Healing the earth is the mission and that involves the disruption and casting out of devils.

Arm yourself.

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