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Spiritual Warfare: Become Enveloped in Power - Your Loins Belted About With Truth

Power is the issue in the arena of spiritual warfare as in that arena we are working with direct power encounters between ourselves as the offspring of God, bearing within us the image and likeness of our Father via the Spirit of Christ (the divine DNA), and whatever it might be we discover in our path that is troubling to the measure of the earth God has allotted to us, via divine destiny, that we are called to oversee.

There is an invading force that has entered into the world of darkness...and we are it.

We have not been created and sent into the earth arena to be complacent about evil and anything that devours the beauty of our Father's creation.

From the beginning it has been an invasion of light into darkness. From the beginning it has been about the overthrow of an illegitimate order and the establishment of a new order consisting of the sons and daughters of God who are the new possessors of the earth arena.

This theme of revolution and invasion is the entire point of this blog series and the book it is based on callede 'The Revolution Is ON!'. You can learn more about it by following the link.

We are the offensive force. We are the invaders. We are the new order, and there are things that make us extremely effective in this invasion against the darkness and this is what we find in the spiritual armaments spoken of in Ephesians chapter six.

Become Enveloped In Power: Your Loins Belted About With Truth

Let's be right up front about it. Your loins speak about your reproductive organs.

We could be safe and non controversial and say, “Oh yes, the loin’s are the whole region from the middle section of the body including the thighs, the hips and the stomach. If the trunk of the body is strong then you are healthy and strong.”

Okay, but then we would be missing the point. This is about genitals.

This is not to take away from the loin region as being the source of strength, but the most significant thing about the loins is the reproductive region. What God has given to us as human beings is the power of replication.

Because of mankind's position within the order of things, whatever it is that we send forth from us carries spiritually reproductive power. This is part of being made in the likeness of God, as even our words carry a creative power when we speak them.

Though animals instinctively exist, we create and one of the most significant forces of our creative element, according to thousands of years of scripture, is found in the power of words that we speak.

A single word spoke at the right time and in the right context can alter the course of nations.

With pinpoint accuracy I tell you, that whoever will speak to this mountain and say, 'Be removed from this location and be cast into the sea', and will not doubt (hesitate, be double) in his heart, but believe that what he says will come to pass, he will have whatever he has said (Mark 11:23).

But I will say to you, every inactive, unproductive and life barren word that a man will speak, he will give an accounting of it in the day of examinations, for by your words you will be justified (found to be as God is), and by your words you will be found lacking what is necessary (Matthew 12:36-37).

This is very much highlighted when it comes to the power of our words as Jesus said, “it's not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out” (see Matthew 15:11-19).

Words in themselves as they are spoken carry tremendous creative power, maybe more so than we even understand. Jesus said of his spoken words that, “they are Spirit and they are life”.

The Proverbs, a book dealing with reigning as a king, has much to say about this topic of word power;

A man’s stomach will be filled by the fruit of his mouth, and by the enrichment of his lips will he also be enriched. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and what one loves will produce the fruit he will consume (Proverbs 18:20-21).

The man of adversity and wickedness is taken captive by the violations of his own lips, but the just (those aligned on the same plane as God) will come out of trouble. A man will be enriched with all that is excellent by the produce (the offspring) of his mouth (Proverbs 12:13-14).

A wholesome, healing and profitable tongue is a tree of life, but a tongue of ruin, speaking perversely is a shattering in the spirit (Proverbs 15:4).

Thoughtless, rash and angry speech is like the deadly slashing of a sword, but the tongue of one who is wise is healing, curing and brings profit and success (Proverbs 12:18).

The seed of our mouth is an important seed and it is something we can control when surrendered to the Holy Spirit.

What the effective warrior knows is how important the power of his speech is and uses it as a tool to his or her divine advantage. It pays for us to slow down our response rates in conversations and when situations appear and think about the words we are going to use in reference to them. They should be a spiritual tree of life.

It is true that your words can create conditions concurrent with life and the intended results of our God or they can undermine the results you are looking to see. James in his letter told us about the incredible force the tongue carries and its power to turn the direction of even massive things;

If any man among you appears to be honoring God, but cannot guide his own tongue, he is deceiving his own heart and his honoring God lacks any depth or weight (James 1:26).

My brothers, I don't suggest you seek to be in charge of too many things, knowing that we will be examined on a greater scale, for in many things we make mistakes and fall against the whole of all things. But if any man doesn't fall down, failing with his words, the same is a mature, whole and healthy man and capable of guiding the directions of the whole body (the larger mass).

Look carefully and see, we put bits in horse’s mouths and by this follow our guidance, and we turn about their whole body (their entire mass). Consider also ships and even though they are so large and even driven by fierce and harsh winds, yet they are turned around by a very small rudder in whichever direction the governor (ruling one) chooses for it to go.

In the exact same way the tongue is a little tiny member and can expound very lofty things. Consider how large of a forest can be set ablaze by just a tiny little spark. And so the tongue is a fire, a world of judgments. This is the tongue among our members that it can defile the entire body (the larger mass) and can set on fire the course of nature and can also be set on fire by hell.

Because every kind of beast and bird and serpent and sea creature can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, but the tongue no man of himself can tame. With it we bless God, even the Father of all creation, and with it turn right around and curse a man who is made in the likeness of God. From the same mouth flows blessing and then cursing. My brothers, these things should not be happening (James 3:1-10).

What we need to pay attention to is that our powers of reproduction are geared to life. We should gird ourselves with truth, not as man says or as the enemy says in his lies to us, but according to what God says about you and about the triumph of the Lord in any given situation.

Speak according to the Lord. Speak as God speaks and you will be the same as He is which is what He wants for you. As you echo God, things change.

Our loins, however you want to apply it, must be girt about with truth.

God is the God of truth and in Him is no lie. Jesus Christ, our Champion and Lord is likewise called ‘the truth’ and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of everything that has ever, is now and ever will be true.

But it was Pilate, as he was questioning Jesus just before the crucifixion who asked that all important question that we might also ask being, “What is truth?”

This is a very good question and to answer it we will go to the Hebrew language pictography regarding truth for it tells the story well.

The Hebrew word rendered into our word ‘truth’ is the word ‘emeth’ whose surface meaning is defined as what is perpetual, firm, certain, stable, but this hardly tells the story.

An element of the Hebrew language is found in pictography in that each letter has certain pictures or images it represents. The word ‘emeth’ is a three letter word made from the letters ‘aleph’, ‘mem’ and ‘hey’.

The pictures are this;

Aleph represents the idea of father and is pictured as a bull and therefore is masculine in nature.

Mem represents the idea of water or a spring and is pictured as a wavy line but it goes a bit deeper in that it indicates the idea of ‘the water from where life springs’ and as such is feminine containing the concept of the womb, and has two different representations, one is an ‘open mem’ and the other is a ‘closed mem’ and in the case of the word truth it is an open one.

The third letter ‘hey’ ties the picture of truth together as the pictograph is that of a person with arms raised as in a surrender but here again it goes deeper as the word ‘hey’ means ‘to look or to behold’ and possesses the idea of revealing.

So, we have this picture of the male and female beholding one another.

Truth is naked. Truth is unafraid because it is possessed of a state where it has nothing to hide from the other. Truth is open and holds no shame within it but in its relationship with all things there is nothing that it will not be willing to fully disclose.

The moment we feel we must cloak a thing we have left the state of truth in the same way that Adam (the masculine) and Eve (the feminine), went from being naked and not ashamed, to having to create a ‘cover story’ for themselves.

We are a people who don’t lie.

We are people who speak what is true and who traffic with the Spirit of truth.

There are very big reasons for this, one of them being the establishment of reputation and the confidence others have in the veracity of our words with also undergirds the strength of our testimony to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Consequently, casting off and casting out all lying, all falsehood and deceit, speak, talk and tell everything true with his for we are all connected as part of one another in a reciprocal and mutual relationship (Ephesians 4:25).

Truth ultimately is found in what God has said, or is saying, and He can be trusted.

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