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Spiritual Warfare: Become Enveloped in Power - The Breastplate Of Righteousness Part 02

Today we engage Part 02 of the fantastic and powerful weapon we have received from God in the process of exorcism of evil from our inheritance, which includes the whole earth. You can read Part 01 regarding the Breastplate of Righteousness at this link.

As the sons and daughters of God our mission is the possession of the inheritance prepared for us from before time and this inheritance, earth in beautiful unified coalescence with heaven, is what we are now engaged with in the arena of spiritual warfare.

As mentioned yesterday, this is what this series of blog posts as well as the book on which they are based is all about - global exorcism.

We, the sons and daughters of the Most High God, in true Jesus replicational fashion, are the exorcists or we could say the Spiritual Warriors that are actively engaged in bringing this to complete fruition.

In prosecuting the wars the enemy will attack you repeatedly regarding your status in the eyes of the Lord. If your faith in the Father’s heart toward you can be undermined in some way by the darkness, you will experience doubt (a double or split mind) instead of bold confidence to continue to press and prosecute against the darkness with the power of light that is in you.

It is when we lose this confidence in the Father’s favor upon us, the bold confidence we are moving together and what we are doing is approved of Him, that we are indeed in possession of a Word from God, that then a withdrawal process on our part begins.

The effect on us brings a sense (most certainly a false sense) of inadequacy in Christ and it starts to affect our vital internal organs of the spirit and the soul and the bold motions of compassion and action begin to lose their footing in us.

Where before we were protected by the breastplate of righteousness and could take bold risks with loving God with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves in the true righteousness of the New Covenant, now we feel we can't, even though nothing has changed but perception in us.

We go into self protection mode.

Bold outreaching compassion for others is the ring tone of God's servants.

It is one of the great signs of our spiritual health.

It comes out of our own sense of Word approved divine adequacy and sufficiency in the Lord.

It allows us to be aggressive and bold at attacking the enemy and releasing those people and territories being held in captivity with the righteousness of our Father's bold love and power poured out to us through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Righteousness is a gift from God given to you because you have done the highest thing that can be done by a man or a woman, you have believed on His Son Jesus, believing meaning you have come into agreement by what you have seen and heard that Jesus is Christ, the Savior of the world, your Savior and the one who now has opened the door to your own empowerment.

Because you have believed on Jesus, God the Father and Creator of all that is says that now you too are at the same place He is regarding His Son, that the two of you see eye to eye and are standing upon the same ground.

You believe and you confess exactly as the Creator does, making the two of you as one and the same, and releasing all of the associate benefits of that unity to you.

Do not let anyone beguile you out of this reward.

Righteousness is not a state of sinless perfection, it is a gifted state of oneness with God based on hearing His voice, listening to His promise, crossing over and coming to the place He is, in believing precisely the same amazing things that the God of all creation believes.

When you agree with God you have joined Him on the level where He is and the miracle of your integration starts.

Then they said to him (Jesus), 'What must we do that we too might work the works of God?' And he said to them, 'This is the work of God, that you believe on him who He has sent (John 6:28-29).

Don't ever listen to the voice of condemnation. Run to God, confess mistakes and refresh yourself in the waiting and welcoming love, for the grace and forgiveness that started your journey is the same grace and forgiveness that maintains your journey.

You have believed His word about His Son and nothing can ever separate you from the love of God though it will certainly try. Don't believe it (see Romans 8:1-4).

Because those He foreknew, He also predestined that they be conformed to the image of His Son, that he might be the Firstborn Son among a multitude of brothers (and sisters). And even beyond this, those He predestined, these same He also called out to, and those He called out to He also justified (adjusted to be the same as), and who He has justified those He also has poured splendor upon.

What can we say about these things? If God is the one who is for us, then who can possibly stand against us? He who would not even spare His own Son, but offered Him up for us all, by what reason would He refuse now to benevolently and freely give us along with him every other thing too? Who will lay anything as a charge against God's elect, His personally handpicked ones? It is God who has justified them (brought them to the alignment).

Who would condemn them and seek their punishment? Christ has died, more perfectly, he has risen again who is right now at the right hand of God continuing to converse and dialog to our favor. Who then will separate us from the love of Christ? Can trouble, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? But just like it is written, 'For Your sake we face death all day long just like sheep headed to the slaughter.'

But no, even in all of these things (swirling about us) we are more than conquerors, gaining surpassing victories through the One who has placed His love upon us. For I am persuaded completely that neither death, or life, or angels, or principalities, or powers, or things present in today, or things coming tomorrow, or anything in the heights, or things from the depths, or anything in all the creation will be able by any means of any capacity, to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ who is Jesus, who is our Lord (Romans 8:29-39).

Protect your vital organs with this breastplate.

Listen to the voice of God in the Holy Spirit, rejoice and be thankful to God and bless yourself too, letting compassions loose to move you towards delivering others by His power and destroying strongholds of the enemy.

There is a miracle in compassion waiting to be let out.

There is a miracle in hearing the voice of God. It will lead you to places you may never imagine you might be, but it is a power indicator of the purposes of God protecting you.

Be Enveloped In Power.

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