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Spiritual Warfare: Become Enveloped in Power - The Shield Of Faith

You will notice that the power of the weapons we have been discussing interweave with one another, covering with a subtle overlap and empowering back and forth. So it is with the shield of faith. Its thread runs through everything.

Faith is one of the three great powers that run through the heart of our polarity in Christ. These three great powers touch in one way or another everything we have been brought into by our Father's loving covenant He has sworn over us that will soon fill the whole measure the earth;

And at this very moment, we are given the reference points of faith, hope and love, these three, but the one overshadowing the three is love (1st Corinthians 13:13).

Along with hope and love, faith is one of the permeating truths.

From beginning to end it is present in everything relating between God and all the splendors He so wants to freely give us.

Among the God level empowering weapons of our offense against the spirit thieves, the apostle Paul says, “above all, taking the shield of faith.”

The term above all is not necessarily meant to say, “If you've got to pick and choose then take this one” instead, it has to do more with the idea of overshadowing all.

Overshadowing everything about us and all of the work, weapons and the attack we press against the death energy is the God equating power that is infused within faith.

When we in our hearts actually agree with the promises God has spoken and equate with Him together in the words, it becomes a protective canopy or shield around us that makes ineffective the persuasions of any other voice.

A PSALM OF DAVID: Listen with interest and make proclamation regarding my voice Oh God as I am in my trouble. Watch over me, preserve and shield my life from the dreaded objects of my enemy. Conceal me from the council that took place in the secret assembly of his advisors to evil and harm, the scheming insurrection of those who practice disharmony against You.

They sharpen their tongue like a sword for slaying, they bend their bows to shoot their arrows, for the purpose of shooting bitter, poisonous, chafing, angry, enraged, vexing and discontent words, that they may shoot them from a secret, hidden and invisible place at those who have been made whole.

Suddenly, without announcement or warning they shoot at him to make him afraid, to intimidate and make him fearful. They pride themselves in any evil, harm, sadness, pain, misery, calamity, adversity and unkind utterances. They consult about laying secret snares and say, 'No one will be able to see them.' They disguise what is unjust. They exhaust themselves with hidden plots. The inner thoughts, every one of them and the intent of their heart are hidden, concealed and kept secret.

But God will make His own arrows rain down on them. In sudden surprise they will be slaughtered. Their own flaming tongue will stagger, totter and bring all their injury back upon them, chasing them away screaming out in terror.

All men will fear then, and proclaim out loud the works of God, expounding on what He has done for they will very wisely consider what has happened. Those aligned with God will be so happy within the LORD, and will put all their trust in Him, confiding completely in Him, making Him their only shield. Those polarized in heart will shine forth as brilliant flashing lights (Psalm 64).

Paul told us the Shield of Faith would quench the fiery arrows the enemy, that by conspiracy and design, will shoot at us from secret, invisible places.

The word quench is a great word meaning to put out the flame, to stifle, nullify, suppress and to extinguish.

When our heart equates with God in faith which literally means in the Greek vernacular 'to be persuaded (at the deepest level) by a gentle voice', the effect of the bitter words the enemy shoots at us are made ineffective.

The truth of the matter is they will have the same effect on us as they would on Him, because now we are equated with and within Him.

We are as He is because faith, the gentle voice of speaking to us from the pinnacle of all creation, is the one and only channel that will justify us and bring us into the same space of power that God exists within.

Faith takes place as we hear His voice, listen with our whole attention, and bring our thoughts and imaginations (what we see in the mind's eye) into harmonic alliance and agreement with God.

It is then that we are unified.

It is then that the truth of God becomes incarnate within us too, and the lines of any separation of being are erased, the power becoming one integrated stream of inseparable power.

Be Enveloped In Power.

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