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Spiritual Warfare: Become Enveloped in Power - The Helmet Of Salvation

The love of God never appears to a person, calling to them to unify with Him, and leaves that person less than they were before.

The basic Hebrew word for God is the word 'El Chaim' compounding 'El' meaning power, with 'Chaim' meaning life. It is the power of life itself in its purity, unmixed, undistorted and unveiled that is God or Power.

It is in the face of death that the power of God flies and the work of God streaming from within His sons and daughters shines as the light that has come into the world, invading the darkness with the ultimate expression of its complete demise.

Death, and every single thing that is in hamonic accord with its polarity, all that is anti-to the infinity of pure life, is the heart of the global exorcism that we, the sons and daughters of God are now inseparably engaged.

The prophets of old, speaking as the oracles of God, have given the infallible word that just as surely as God lives, El Chaim - the power of life itself, all of the earth will be filled with His splendor as fully and as completely as the water cover the sea.

In the wake of God remains the power of life, flourishing on a level our finite oriented minds struggle to comprehend, even though you and I say we believe.

But, do we?

So, God gives power to prevail against the enemies of life to all those who come His Son, Jesus, the shining revelation of His own image and likeness, and integrate with Jesus, being reborn into this dynamic of power and become its resonating ambassadors in the earth.

So, in the last several blog posts, all based on the book 'The Revolution Is ON' , we have been dealing with certain elements of this power God has given His children known as 'the armor of God' by which we, the sons and daughters, are to aggressively dispossess evil animators (spirits) from the earth which is the possession of inheritance God has gifted to us.

Today - it is the 'Helmet of Salvation' we examine.

If you know anything about American football you will understand that the aggressiveness of any player diminishes when they lose their helmet. You have 22 athletic men on a field of battle whose bodies have become defensive and offensive weapons that are flying aggressively about fulfilling their proscribed missions.

Without a helmet, you could get hurt.

On the other hand, the protection provided by the helmet turns the player himself into a human weapon on the clashing field of play. There is a great deal to say about the confidence afforded by the protection received from a good helmet.

With the adequacy provided by the helmet, there is no need to hold back now. You may throw yourself fearlessly, headlong into the battle.

An interesting thing in Paul's writing about the Helmet of Salvation is the use of the word' take' as in 'take the helmet of salvation'.

The word translated take here is not the typical grasping and gripping of a thing, but instead is a receiving of a thing.

What is painted by the picture here is that a granting of an access point has been given to something and we are encouraged to receive it to ourselves as an important offering of a gift. The truth of the matter is, salvation is not something any man can conjure up, for it only comes from the LORD by some seemingly unexplained process of election and grace;

Oh God, the LORD, the strength of salvation (Yashua) covers over and encloses my head, the highest place and sum total of my being, in the day of battle (Psalm 140:7).

God has granted to you an access point to His salvation. This salvation is what we discussed early on as the nature of God and His effect on those aligned with Him.

It is the Yasha that is upon you, enclosing the highest place and sum total of your being. A portal is open to you because you have believed in Jesus as the Christ and from this portal the effect upon you and your spirit is to make wide, enlarged, make spacious, open, free, unrestricted freedom of movement, freedom to breathe, unbound, released from all that would limit, to be greater than what is, unlimited expanse, all sufficient and sufficient for all, no end.

You have been baptized into Jesus Christ, I assume, and with Jesus as the Head over your head a portal of access has been opened because He is Salvation. His very name is attesting to this and the Father speaking out of heaven is attesting to this and His resurrection out from and over death also is attesting to this and the Holy Spirit being poured out upon you in power is the seal of the testimony of God about Jesus and about you (see 2nd Corinthians 1:18-22, Ephesians 1:13, 4:30, Revelation 7:4).

It is the power of the Son who is Yasha or Yashua the Father has called and invited you to believe in, and now upon the pinnacle point of the universe it is Salvation that is the Supreme power to which the creation of all spiritual and all physical existence must submit.

When we go out we carry with us salvation, when we speak we speak according to salvation, when we pray we pray the prayers of salvation, when we encounter spiritual warfare we invoke over it the name we have been given that is over and above all names, the name of Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ for God has ordained that the Pinnacle of all Existence, and Generation of Life is Salvation and it flows out to all who will receive from Jesus Christ, God's 'right hand man'.

He is the power that is unleashed that destroyed and continues to destroy all darkness.

This is the mentality and the power over you that you are given as a gift for having received this Jesus. It is the Divine Portal of the heavens to which you have been graciously granted access.

It is not because you are perfect, but by grace and by interaction with the saving power, who knows what might happen to you and to the entire world surrounding you. Through you comes the transference of the power of Jesus the Christ into your metron and into every sphere in which you find yourself.

Go ahead, read the Book of Acts! Learn.

There was a particular man who was lame from the day that he was born that was carried every day to the gate of the temple which gate was named Beautiful, so he could ask for gifts of money from the people who went in and out there. When he saw Peter and John about to go in he asked them for money.

And Peter intently fastening his eyes on the man along with John too said, 'Look at us.' And he did what they said thinking he was about to receive something from them. Then Peter said, 'I don't have any silver to give to you, and I don't have any gold, but what I do have I will give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ who came out of Nazareth, rise up and walk.'

And he took the man by the right hand and lifted him up, and instantly his feet and his ankle bones were made firm and filled with power. And the man went leaping into the air and stood, and then he walked, and then he went with them into the temple walking, leaping up and down, and loudly shouting out praises to God.

...and all the people ran together...And when Peter saw it he said...you...preferred a murderer to be released to walk among you while you instead killed the Prince of Life, whom God raised from the dead and we are personal eyewitnesses of that fact. And it is his name, through faith in his name that has made this man now strong whom you see and all of you know. The faith that is released through him has given this man this perfect soundness in the presence of you all (Acts 3:2-16).

The world awaits you my friend to bring the freedom and enlargement of Yahsua the Christ (for he is the image and likeness of God) to bear against the oppressions of thousands of years of darkness upon the piece of the territory in the world you are given today.

The power is in him and in the administration of his name and supreme rank.

The portal has been offered to you by the Father who has given you this great invitation to receive this great gift because He loves you.

Paul, a servant to Jesus who is the Christ, having been called to be an apostle and set apart to nothing but the stunning news of God, (which He promised beforehand by the mouth of every one of His prophets as recorded in the sacred writings),

Regarding His own Son, Jesus Christ who is our Lord, who was made of the seed of David in relation to His physical lineage, but openly revealed to be the Son of God with all appropriate power in conjunction with the Spirit of holiness (the Spirit of all wholeness), and by the resurrection over and out from death.

Based upon him, we have received our grace and our apostleship to bring to pass subjection to this faith (this persuasion) within the whole totality of every nation, all of this being for and by and because of his name. And into this too are you also called of Jesus Christ” (Romans 1:1-6).

The mind of Christ is the mind of salvation in relation to all things.

The mind of salvation is certainly immersed in possibility thinking rooted in the all possible power and nature of God.

There isn’t anything that cannot be done in conjunction with Him and the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of all and our Guide.

Be Enveloped In Power.

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