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Spiritual Warfare: Become Enveloped in Power - The Sword Of The Spirit, Part 2

Yes, there is a mission given to the sons and daughters of God, those who have received the gift He has offered to humanity in the person of His Son Jesus who is known everywhere to be the promised Christ who would save us out of a state of dissonance with God (called 'sin' - a state of disconnect and wandering apart from the gifts of God) and bring us into a state of repolarization or reconciliation to God and the sworn oaths of His eternal love for us and harmonization with a magnitude of inheritance that far surpasses even our greatest imaginations of what that goodness looks like.

Jesus is the divine 'tuning fork' for all mankind to come and begin to hear and resonante together with, his tone and our tone, his sound and our sound, becoming one sound and one broadcast of the powers of life into the earth arena which the Father gave to His sons and daughters to possess from the very beginning.

It is a land of promise, yet still occupied by certain animating energies (spirit personages) who are destroyers and not life givers, fomenting their anti-life imaginations within people as well as entire geopolitical regions and it is these non-visual animators that we, the sons and daughters of God are both called and equipped to cast out of the land we have been promised (the whole earth arena, however far and wide that reaches) and to dispossess of that which they have possessed and bring to these persons and regions the rich splendors of infinite life.

Our Father who is Creator and the very fountain of this boundless life intends for us to succeed.

But it is and has always been about listening...about harmonizing and acting in concert with the Voice of God which is being broadcast to us all, throughout the heavens and the earth right now.

What is the Spirit of life speaking right now? What is the Spirit of life saying in reference to the earth space you hold the potential for influence within where you are right now?

If we but listen to the Holy Spirit, we speak the very words of God as His own mouth, His voice, His tongue.

Our voice and His voice will be one and the same, speaking precisely what He has to say.

His voice slices and dices to the core of any situation, setting everything is its proper placement;

For the word, the speech uttered by a living voice that is God is a living breathing thing, and is an active force of energy sharper than any double edged sword, piercing its way deeply, cleaving apart even what is of soul and what is of spirit, and also what has joined one thing to another, and what is of the very living blood within the veins, and it examines and probes, judging with regard to favorable and unfavorable thoughts and motive intents hidden within the deepest secret places of the heart.

And there is nothing in all creation that is hidden or can ever hide anywhere or in any place from the line of His sight, but everything in its entirety is utterly naked and openly vulnerable, unable to be covered over, hidden or protected from the eyes of Him with whom is our discourse (Hebrews 4:12-13).

You can probably see how this could be helpful to have the words of God and speak as His own mouthpiece, even though you may not fully and completely understand the words and how they are doing their supernatural work in your world.

I have had these experiences (and I'm sure you have too) where I was with someone and praying and the Holy Spirit said “Say this” or “Start a conversation about this” and then sit back and watch as the floodgates of heaven open up on the person.

I would never have thought that sentence or conversation would have such power, but then I didn't know the depths of the heart and the secret things hidden in the life of the person I was with, but Jesus knew everything about them;

Whoever speaks, then let him speak as if he were the divine oracle, the very mouthpiece of God, uttering His utterances. Whoever ministers as a resource for enriching the lives of others, let him do it in the capacity that God has given, that God in all things may be honored through Jesus Christ, to whom let there be praise and dominion forever and ever. This is what shall be (Amen). (1st Peter 4:11).

In closing this thought on the Sword of The Spirit (the cutting edge of God's power), the gifts of the Holy Spirit as outlined for example in Corinthians are outward expressions of these sacred, direct communications. Don't despise any of them. It's ridiculous for you or me to tell God how He may or may not speak. You need all the help you can get.

Seek Him that you might have ears to hear His voice speaking right now.

Now there are different distinctions between the (spiritual) gifts, but it is all the same Spirit. And there are different distinctions of administrative expressions but it is all still the exact same Lord. And there are different distinctions in the effect of what is wrought by the way these things operate, but it is still the One and the same God who is the energizing power of it all within it all. But the visible expressions of the invisible Spirit are gifts given to each of us so we can gain an advantage in things that can serve to contribute to the good of everyone else.

For that which is certified by the Spirit is the gift of the word conceptualizing (Gods) wisdom, another is the word conceptualizing (Gods) knowledge by the exact same Spirit, another is faith also by the same Spirit and another is the divine power graces of healing by the exact same Spirit, another is the effective operation of miracle flourishing, another is prophecy, another is the distinguishing of spirits, another is the generative expression of tongues, another is the explanation interpreting those tongues.

But each and every one of these is energized by that one and the selfsame Spirit, distributing personally to each person in full agreement with His own affectionate will (1st Corinthians 12:4-11).

My job as a serving collaborator with Jesus Christ is to equip you, stir you, and train you to be a well grounded, efficient and effective warrior together with us in the cause, bringing the full measure of his salvation to yourself, your extended metron, and increasingly out beyond you into the nations of the earth if God has so designed for you to do so.

There is much to do for the equipping of God's people and all I've been able to do here is sow to you a handful of seeds.

I pray the word and the passions of God flourish inside of you.

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