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Spiritual Warfare: When King David Took Jerusalem

Thoughts on Jerusalem are always a hornet’s nest. I wasn't sure if I wanted the trouble this brings but whenever you talk about spiritual warfare you're already in trouble up to your ears anyway, so what difference does one more thing make?

The possession of Jerusalem holds tremendous vision for us so I hope the following greatly helps you and that it sets you on your spiritual edge, serving to further clarify our own current mission.

The battle we are in will see its way to a fantastic, splendid end, and we will be amazed at what is waiting there for us all.

Don’t anyone stop until we’ve reached our Jerusalem for she waits for us, anticipating our coming rescue of her.

The Heart of David

Without a single doubt, it was David's heart that made him such an incredible warrior for God. It is like the laws of nature in a cause and effect scenario. Any person drawing near to God becomes infected with the same flames of His same passions.

His warriors are stirred to the heart and they begin to see as God sees, understand as God understands, and are energized with the mission laden energies of God's energies to engage the cause of the Father's own highest aspirations and deepest passions.

I have always loved David's statement when Goliath appears and intimidates the armies of Saul.

But of course the first time it stood out to me was under the preaching of Ern Baxter. Is it any wonder then?

And David spoke to all the men that stood around him saying, 'What will be done for the man that kills this Philistine, taking away the shame of Israel (the people of the purpose)? Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should reproach the armies of the God of Life? And the people answered different things saying, 'This, or that is what will happen to the man that kills him.'

Then his oldest brother Eliab heard what he was speaking to the men and Eliab's anger was set blazing against David and he said, 'Why did you come down here? And who did you leave that little flock of sheep with in the wilderness? I know all about your pride and your willful heart of mischief. You came down here to gaze at (give your judgment of) the battle.'

And David said, 'What have I done that is out of line? Is there not a cause! (1st Samuel 17:26-29).

A cause...is there not a cause?

There was a cause and no one among all of Saul's army had the faith based, God rooted courage to take it on, similar to the same fears the spies had in Israel’s first approach to the Promised Land (see Numbers 13).

In fact here, they were confused about the reward involved if someone took out Goliath, just as we often are today with our mission.

But after all, Saul was their king and all he had to impart into them was his head and shoulders capacity of human wisdom and human strength (see 1st Samuel 9:2).

But the truth is, neither human wisdom or any human strength will be of any value to you when it comes to the spirit giants you will face in the battlefield on which the Lord Jesus is arrayed together with us.

Or is it we, the volunteers, arrayed together with him in the casting out of spirit giants?

Human wisdom and human strength is a recipe for our deaths.

Spirit can only be engaged and prevailed against by the power of greater spirit in rightful

possession of a greater name.

Evil is a result of a spiritual or we should say 'spirit' based animation.

Exorcism of evil is the result of one level of spirit animation meeting up with quite another level of Spirit animation.

It is like deficit encountering fullness.

Darkness encountering light, and we know which one is greater in power.

In the spirit world names have great meaning.

"And the seventy returned (to Jesus) with great joy saying, 'Lord, even the devils are subject to us through your name'." (Luke 10:17)

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