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Spiritual Warfare: When King David Took Jerusalem - The Difficulty With Canaan

There was a difficulty in Israel, the people of the purpose, from the days of their departure from Egypt, through the days of the Judges and up to David.

Israel had not fulfilled their mission in the land of Promise when the possibility for them to fully possess all that God had called them to was first given them.

They were told their mission was to eradicate the enemies completely and that no one was to rest or slack off until they had not only secured their own allotted possession, but also the possession of their brothers too.

Only when all the land had been subdued and every enemy overcome were they to take their rest, but all the land must find its rest and release first and everyone their possession within it.

But we discover, after their initial successes, they reached a comfort zone where they were certainly better off than they ever had been before in the days of their fathers, or in the days of Egypt, or the days in which the LORD proved them in the wilderness, and so they began to settle into the victories they had already won and the fullness of the mission was set aside.

Prosperity does that sometimes, fomenting the curse of complacency like we learned about in the churches of Philadelphia and Laodicea.

The will of God and the freedom of all the land from the enemies became a secondary issue because after all, the people were getting what was theirs now, who cares about the rest of it?

War is hard, we all know that, and that is why objectives must be made clear and they must be kept. Half victories are not victories at all when a greater one was set before you.

If the darkness can’t keep you from a functional relationship with Jesus Christ, the next best thing is to lure you into complacency regarding our long range, ultimate mission of the eradication of evil spirits from the earth in what we are calling a global exorcism.

The people of the purpose settled for far too little because that is what was in their hearts, to only go until they were comfortable, until they had gotten theirs, but this is not the warrior way as we soon see in David.

But, as Israel’s distance from the life of Joshua grew, so did their complacency toward the cause.

They lost their edge.

It is amazing isn’t it? How God takes people from obscurity and suddenly they become the focal point of world history?

Moses after fleeing Egypt spent 40 years in nowhere land before God came and called him to return and perform a mission that had been carved out for him in eternity, and so at 80 years of age he becomes the ordained leader of a mass deliverance.

David too came from the obscurity of nowhere, considered so insignificant that he wasn’t even invited to the banquet in which Samuel had come to anoint a new king from among Jesse’s sons.

But, there was something in David’s heart that he and God likely talked about as David was out defending and delivering sheep from their predators, out there in obscurity.

It is the cry of David’s heart that emerges as he sees Goliath intimidating the people of the purpose and defies not only the armies of Israel, but challenges their God.

“Is there not a cause?” David cries.

The mission of Canaan’s exorcism of idols who steal the hearts of people from union with the living God of pure and eternal life, and the overthrow of these giants who ‘curse people’ by their false gods still lay before the people of the purpose.

Now, the mission of global exorcism of all spirit evil from our promised inheritance, which is the whole earth arena and every 'power of life' contrarian influence within it, lay at our feet.

I ask you, "Is there not a cause?"

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