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Spiritual Warfare: When King David Took Jerusalem - There Was A Place God Had Chosen

In the plan of God there was a place. It was a special place that God had chosen to place His name there which is not done without significant importance. It would be the most splendid and spectacular of places and from this place of divinely strategic importance, God acting with and within people would extend His rule and reign by such a method that the extension of His blessings would immerse the whole earth.

He had spoken to the people about it. Abraham knew of it too. The place was a city and the city was called Jerusalem and the people who had started out as the last and the least of all people on earth, a people who should not by all physical realities not even be a people, a people who beginning as nothing at all but a promise from God, would by His grace become the first and foremost.

It all waited for them in this place called Jerusalem;

But the place (the city, the sector, the room, the spot) the LORD your God has chosen out among all your tribes to place His name there, this will be His habitation to which you will seek, and there is where you will appear (Deuteronomy 12:5).

We are told that Abraham was looking for a city with foundations whose builder and maker was God and not man.

Along the trail of Abraham's life he met a man from that city he was seeking named Melchizedek, and this Melchizedek was the priest of the Most High God.

When you are the Most High God, there isn't one any higher.

When you are the priest of the Most High God, there isn't any greater honor of priesthood.

The background of their meeting is this: Abraham went to war against an array of kings who had taken Lot, called his brother, captive. One of these kings by the way (all of them are significant) was named Tidal and his designation is king of nations and he is an enemy.

The victory of Abraham, the man of faith, over these rulers had stirred an excitement so deep that it warranted a special meeting with this priest Melchizedek, that as you read, looks an awful lot like Jesus bringing forth bread and wine in his celebration of the New Covenant, but that would be a fascinating, though significant side journey and we won’t go there now.

And Melchizedek, king of Salem brought forth a meal of bread and wine, and he was the priest of the Most High God.

And he blessed him (Abram) and said, 'Honor upon Abram from the Most High God the possessor of heaven and earth,

And honor to the Most High God who is the One that has delivered the foe, the enemy and oppressor into your hand.' And he (Abram) gave this man tithes of all (Genesis 14:18-20).

We are told in the Book of Hebrews this was a very significant event for this is a priest and a priesthood that is not only greater than the priesthood of Aaron and natural Israel but it is clearly a priesthood that is greater than the patriarch Abraham.

We are informed this status relationship is so because the lesser is always blessed by the greater (see Hebrews 7:1-8).

Abraham tithed to Melchizedek from the spoils taken in victory, indicating the honor by which he was personally receiving him and as we all know, the only way to receive a blessing from another is by acknowledging and receiving the gift of God within them for what it is (see Matthew 10:41).

Keep this in mind, that Abraham had gone to war against powers (Tidal, king of nations and his crew) motivated by the deliverance of his brother, Lot.

Through the defeat of these oppressive powers Abraham had brought a greater level of peace to the land of Promise which made him a peacemaker, and we certainly know that those who make peace, bringing an end to chaos and oppression of life in the lives of others set themselves in the pathway of God's blessings (see Matthew 5:9).

But all of a sudden we are no longer certain in Abraham's story if we are dealing with mere earthly persons or if somehow we have breached the limitations of the material world and are dealing with something far greater in this Melchizedek.

There are spoils and rewards that come with the defeat of the disrupting enemies to the peace God has ordained for individual persons, geopolitical regions and the whole earth.

Abraham's act of tithing from the spoils of triumph, a triumph which Melchizedek is certainly a representative as he is the 'King of Peace', is in gratitude for what has just taken place and his triumph over Tidal, king of nations.

Melchizedek, this King of Peace or we could say this 'King of Triumph' for there is only peace when there are no longer those who would disrupt it.

Melchizedek is the Priest of the Most High God, which ought to educate us with significant information about the nature of this God we have come into heart alignment with and to whose image and likeness we are incrementally harmonizing with as His own sons and daughters.

It is peace we are in pursuit of in our fellow travelers and for the whole earth which is our inheritance from our Father.

So, what does this have to do with 'Jerusalem'?

Let's find out.

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