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Spiritual Warfare: When King David Took Jerusalem - What's So Great About Jerusalem?

We began in blog 158 to discuss the amazing meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek and you can read about that here.

But one of the things to realize about this picture is the priest of the Most High God was from a place called Salem meaning peace and all of its ramifications which are many.

Things do not prosper in an atmosphere of conflict with enemies attempting to thwart anything and everything you do, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. This city or place called Salem is the same city later called Jerusalem which is a very mysterious place with nearly untraceable origins stemming far back in the times before Abraham.

In a prophetic Psalm that sounds like it could have come right out of the Book of Revelation, the place Salem and Jerusalem are linked by the common place known as Zion.

This of course is David's Zion in the city of David which is in Jerusalem;

“In Salem is His tabernacle and His dwelling place in Zion" (Psalm 76:2).

Jerusalem was considered the city of the Most High God and the priest of God, this Melchizedek ministered from there as the Melek (Power, King, Ruler) of Righteousness (harmonic resonance and oneness with God).

As Abraham had just triumphed over Tidal (Son of terror) – King (Melek) of Nations and subduing him, a congratulatory visit from the Priest of the Most High God was clearly in order and so Melchizedek appears. Whether we are at this point dealing with the physical or the spiritual we are not certain.

Jerusalem is a city of great mysteries and in many ways a city of very great power.

There is some little discussed history regarding Jerusalem and its significance as a location on the earth. What is said about Jerusalem should be important to us.

The belief of the ancients in their cultures regarding Jerusalem is, “Whoever possesses Jerusalem possesses the world.”

In this meeting between Melchizedek and Abraham there is a prophetic message saying the goal of the promise God gave regarding Canaan would be completed ultimately when Jerusalem was finally taken.

Consider this statement from the Jewish Talmud writings:

“As the navel is set in the center of the human body, so is the land of Israel the navel of the world, situated at the center of the world, and Jerusalem in the center of the land of Israel, and the sanctuary in the center of Jerusalem, and the holy place in the center of the sanctuary, and the ark in the center of the holy place, and the Foundation Stone before the holy place, because from it the world was founded.”

The Jewish Talmud focuses attention on this rock, as the place from which the whole world was founded, as being the first part of the earth to come into existence.

It was the rock first and then the world expanded around it.

The idea is also written in the Talmud that from the dust of this rock Adam the first man was formed and many more of the happenings of history involving the patriarchs, and ultimately the placement of the ark of the covenant all center upon this rock which is referred to often as the mysterious Foundation Stone.

These connotations are not unique to just the Jewish Talmud.

You can see from such inference why it is believed earthly Jerusalem holds such significance and why throughout scripture as well the city is highlighted.

But here in this strange meeting is our first direct reference in scripture to its link with this Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest of the Most High God in a visitation to Abraham after his triumph over the kings of the land, those nation ruling powers and Tidal the evil king of the nations.

Interestingly enough, the place where the rock is believed to be located right now is under the Arab/Ishmaelite/Muslim Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem near the Wailing Wall.

The natural wars for earthly Jerusalem have meanings most of us don't understand.

Because the rock is considered the catalytic center from which the earth was formed, then it is believed whoever possesses the rock in Jerusalem is considered to have great, far reaching global power for the rock is the nerve center of the earth and it may well be true at least in a physical sense, but there is another Jerusalem that we will get to and another rock from which another man, the last Adam is related to which we are informed is the beginning of a new creation.

The unfortunate thing we discover though is that natural Israel stalled after the days of Joshua in prosecuting the assault against their enemies and failed to take the city of Jerusalem.

This was that place where God, the Most High God, had chosen to place His name and from which a divine power would be released to the world for its healing.

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