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Spiritual Warfare: When King David Took Jerusalem - Jerusalem, Jerusalem

As we have been pointing out in the last two posts, Blog 160 and Blog 161, Jerusalem is a powerful city in the earth and the ancient cultures even beyond the Jews believe this to be so, considering Jerusalem and the Foundation Stone that is in her as the 'navel of the earth' from which center great global control or influence can be exercised.

However, there are two Jerusalem's and between the two one is greater than the other and has always been.

There is the earthly Jerusalem and then there is the one Abraham was anticipating.

Abraham had seen something transcendent and a High Priest who was transcendent.

The Book of Hebrews tells us he was looking for a city that God had built, not men.

This means he was not looking for an earthly city whose foundations and walls were of physical materials or a thing the nature of any earth bound man could appreciate. His heart was searching for a spiritual city because his God is Spirit, eternal and infinite and transcendent to all that is;

By faith he (Abraham) dwelt in the land of promise as if he were living in an alien land, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob who were heirs along with him of the exact same promise, for what he was waiting for and expecting was a city linked to foundations whose craftsman and artisan is God...

...confessing they were strangers and pilgrims to the earth, and people who say things like that are declaring openly that they are still seeking a country. And it is true, that if they had been holding in mind what they had already been previously separated from, they might have found opportunity to go backwards, retracing their steps in that direction,

But now they desire a country of much higher advantage, I'm speaking of a heavenly one. And this is the reason God is delighted in them and is thrilled to be called their God, for He has indeed prepared for them just such a city (Hebrews 11:9-10, 13-16).

The apostle Paul is very bold when discussing the difference between the earthly bound covenant and the covenant that is higher and greater, whose foundation is in heaven, the realm of Spirit which has greater power of influence within the creation than anything on the physical plane.

Spirit is greater than matter for matter is formed by spirit, being a visible crystallization thereof;

Consider what is written, that Abraham had two sons. One was by a woman who was a maiden in bondage as a slave, while the other woman was a free woman. The child who was of the bond woman was born by normal human intercourse and human effort, but the child of the woman who was free was created exclusively by means of the promise God had spoken.

These things are an illustration, an allegory and a living parable and they represent to us the two covenants. The one was from Mount Sinai which generates and fathers in you only bondage and earthly enslavements and is related to the slave woman Hagar. For Hagar is relevant to Mount Sinai which is among the Arabs (Ishmaelites) and stands in parallel to Jerusalem that is solely here in time and is in complete bondage along with all of her children.

But the Jerusalem that is from above, the higher one within the heavens is freeborn and is unrestrained in movements, and this is the one who is the mother of all of us (who believe), for it is written, ‘Rejoice now you barren one who had not previously borne, break forth into your contractions and cry out loud, you who had not previously travailed with a child, for the one whose womb had been lonely, empty and neglected, having not been filled with the seed, now has more children than the other who was visited by a man.’

Now we brothers, precisely as Isaac was, are likewise the children born because of the promise that God has spoken. But just exactly it was then, you will find the same thing true now, those born after the flesh (in bondages bound to earth bound things) give trouble and are even violent and hostile toward those born of the Spirit.

But what is it that the ancient writing of the scripture says? Cast out the bond woman and send her away right along with her son, because the son of the woman of enslavement will not be an heir alongside of the son of the free woman. So my brothers, we are not the children of the woman of enslavement, we are the children of the free woman (Galatians 4:22-31).

Heavenly Jerusalem is the forever, true intent of God.

In heavenly Jerusalem is a stone, though rejected by earthly builders, it is the keystone of all power not simply in earth, but at the level and in the realm that transcends both the heavens and the earth and the stone of the new creation has a name and that name is Jesus Christ, the embodiment of the Yasha (salvation) of God, His own image and likeness incarnate within humankind, just as was planned at the first.

In Jesus Christ we are brought full circle once again into the estate of our origins as persons unified with God, bearing within us His own divine DNA in the regenesis of our being as His offspring, the carriers of His Spirit in our blood.

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