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Spiritual Warfare: When King David Took Jerusalem - Heavenly Jerusalem, The Forever True Intent

There is a Jerusalem whose beauty and abundance is far beyond anything ever known.

No disrespect intended, but the Jerusalem on earth, as powerful and mystical a place that it is in its own strategic importance in earth is bound by its physical nature and has been only a shadow of something far higher and true and eternally real, and so we, as sons and daughters of God come to the realization that earthly Jerusalem is not the true substance that either God spoke of or Abraham was seeking, but a mere shadow of a far higher reality, truth and power.

There is a spiritual city, and a spiritually transcendent power that rules not only earth but the heavens too, for this city which exists supernaturally is above all cities. The level of its function and power is the level of the third heaven which is over all and to this higher Jerusalem we who believe can say;

Whoever rules within the heavenly Jerusalem truly rules all the heavens and all earth!

“As the navel is set in the center of the human body, so is the land of heavenly Israel the navel of the universe, situated at the center of the universe, and heavenly Jerusalem in the center of the land of heavenly Israel, and the heavenly sanctuary in the center of heavenly Jerusalem, and the heavenly holy place in the center of the heavenly sanctuary, and the heavenly ark in the center of the heavenly holy place, and the heavenly Foundation Stone before the heavenly holy place, because from it the new creation has been founded.”

Spirit transcends matter. All material substance and expression is the result of the material crystallization of energetic elements that exist at an invisible or spiritual level.

I do not say this to be 'new age' relevant, but I say it so I can be scripturally accurate.

God is a Spirit and all that is in existence has come forth from the broadcast of His 'voice'.

But getting back to heavenly, spiritual Jerusalem, there is a Foundation Stone and a Rock of Catalyst there and his name is Jesus and he is the Foundation Stone and catalyst from which a whole new creation has been established and is even now being finely formed, for the creation in the heavens is to be the creation permeating the earth too, as the whole of all the earth becomes exactly as he is under the divine rule of his law.

He is the supernatural dust from which a new humanity has been formed after the image of the Father who will go forth in the heart of David, whose heart is as the heart of Christ in God, removing every enemy that withholds and seeks to restrain the glory of the heavenly Jerusalem from shining into all the earth.

And Jesus said to them, 'Didn't you ever read in the scriptures, The Stone that the builders rejected, this same has become the head, beginning point and foundation of the corner? This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes (Matthew 21:42).

Listen to Me, those of you who seek to equate with God, those of you who seek the LORD, look to the ROCK from which you have been crafted and engraved, and to the well from which you have been excavated and dug out (Isaiah 51:1).

Upon this foundation stone I will establish My company of the called out ones (the ekklesia), and the gates of hell will have no strength nor have any power to deter it (Matthew 16:18).

What the earthly mankind rejected, ultimately being Jesus the Son of God, because they just didn't get it and loved darkness rather than light, now has all power in heaven and in earth.

He has raised a swarming army of like hearted and like Spirited and like connected men and women who have been uniquely called and reborn as the blood brothers and sisters of the new emerging creation, and there are those who are clearly responding to this earth relevant call.

These who hear and receive what God has said and is continuing to say today are set to assault the spiritual Jebusites who tread down the peace that is to be cast across all the heavens and the earth from this supernatural position.

They receive what he (the living Jesus) says and are as he is in union, coming into adjustment with the supernatural realm of power in which he now resides and shares lovingly together with us.

But whoever has received him (Jesus), taking him as their own, to them he gave the power, the right and the honor, to walk about and to appear in history as the sons of God, even to those who believe upon (come under the agreement and power of) his name (John 1:12).

But you are drawing near to Mount Zion, and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to a such a vast company of angels they cannot even be numbered, to the gathering for the feast, and those called to be of the firstborn whose names have already been recorded in the records of heaven, and to God who is the Judge of the whole of all things, and to the spirits of adjusted (equated) men who are become complete, and to Jesus the Communicator and Administrator of the New Covenant, and to the blood that emits the sounds of voice that is of far superior and even greater advantage than that of Abel (Hebrews 12:22-24).

Believing comes before seeing as believing within creates in us the appropriate resonance of sound and voice and word by which the new creation is emerging.

From the heavenly Jerusalem, the high place of the City of God, His sound goes forth into all the earth and His words, those creative and creating words, go out into the ends of the earth.

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