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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity

I have written in these Blog posts about altering the polarity of our planet, of transformation on a global scale and of engaging in a dedicated warfare as serious as anything ever known to humankind.

I have talked about the beginnings of our mission going all the way back to the origins of man and I have talked about the establishment of a government of Holy Spirit, Christ rule, in the hearts of mankind that would reign over all nations and all peoples and to be clear, I am not speaking of a human government but a divine, Holy Spirit rule within each and every heart whose ultimate rule is;

"Love your ever saving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself, doing to all others as you would desire all others to do to you.”

I have written about the exorcism of planet earth of all spirit animating energies of oppression, devouring of life, sickness in any and all forms and the ultimate exorcism of death itself.

These are serious words for serious supernatural Revolutionaries seeking the service of Jesus Christ. These are not words for the faint of heart, cowards or those unwilling to make sacrifices for the greatest, most noble cause to have ever touched any man or woman.

Jesus was up front with us about the commitment that must be made for the success of this Revolution that he has started and that will ultimately fill the whole earth, being evidenced not in some ethereal state, but in very real and practical manifestation within very identifiable geographies.

Once the momentum starts and the stretch drive begins toward the finish line, no one or thing will be able to stop the power of this movement.

However, lest there is confusion over what this new polarity in this global Revolution is, let’s finish this final series of posts with some clarifications, though I’ve tried to instruct on this throughout this series of Blogs all related to the book 'The Revolution Is ON!' which you can learn more about if you like by following this link.

One of the great lessons of history and the great lessons of Moses is that you cannot get where we are going by passing some new human governmental law.

Power does not come from the outside in, but from the inside out. This in fact is the message and purpose of 'the Gospel' of Jesus Christ. God will take up residence in you. Jesus has paved the way and is the image and likeness of how that looks.

The Revolution we are talking about does have a law, but unless it lives in the hearts of men and women, and is taught as a way of life in cohesive relation with the living God of infinite life, it will fail.

We are talking about an inner animation of Spirit. We are talking about altered spiritual polarity.

Men from the beginning have tried to organize humanity into mass unified forces to achieve purposes of the united effort of men apart from God, and every one of them has ultimately failed.

The first overt attempt began with the tower of Babel with a man who was purported to be mighty by the name of Nimrod whose grandfather was Ham the son of Noah who disrespectfully violated the covenants of his father’s house.

Like Babylon, the systems of men will always fail over time.

What was the tower of Babel really? It was man’s attempt to circumvent God because of unbelief or mistrust of His covenant.

How will we save ourselves from God?

There is a spirit at the root of that question and its beginning lives in darkness.

God had given the sign of the rainbow to Noah to whom He had confirmed His covenant saying in the rainbow was the guarantee the whole earth would not be destroyed again by a flood.

But, Ham found himself outside of the covenant blessing when Noah became aware of Ham’s disrespect for him in his usurping of Noah's place in relation to his bride (see Genesis 9:18-29 & Leviticus 20:11).

It seems it’s always about a bride doesn’t it?

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