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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity - Nimrod, The Tower of Babel and Human History

In Blog 165 we started to discuss further the idea of spiritual polarity which in fact we have been discussing throughout this series of posts and which is the underflowing theme of the entire book titled 'The Revolution Is ON! - a primer on global exorcism and the transformation of geopolitical spheres of influence through the application of supernatural powers.

It is polarity, the spiritual polarity of each and every individual that is the first key of resonance which will ultimately bring to pass all that the Son of God, Jesus Christ has been foreordained by the Father of all existence (God), to enjoy in the process of seeing earth brought once again into the vibrance of unbound life on a scale of infinity, which process we are in right now.

Words like 'uprightness', words like 'righteousness' and 'holiness' all have to do with the spiritual polarity of the person in relation to the powers resident within the Spirit of eternal and infinite life.

Life...not death. Liberty...not oppression. Empowerment...not suppression of gifts. Love...not hate.

The earth and what is anti-to this magnificence is convulsing. A complete and total exorcism of evil is being undertaken, and you and I as the offshoots of God, the sons and daughters who are born from that which is above, are integral to its completion.


So Nimrod is described as being a mighty one, but it goes further and describes him as a mighty hunter, which can also be termed predator and the beginning of his kingdom is Babel (Genesis 10:8-10).

And this kingdom of Babel became the location in which a tower would be built to the heavens and by it mankind could be his own savior if God failed to keep covenant.

This spirit has never left the earth. It was in the garden, deceiving Eve as it violated Adam's role and usurped his position with his bride.

The tower of Babel was one of the first demonstrations of the spirit of human collectivism, and in mercy God confused the languages, destroying the power of communications like Jesus taught us in relation to ‘rebuking’ or we could say the power of silencing the voice and broadcast of evil spirits.

And this is the way it always is when predator spirits take control of the masses for their own means.

The children of Israel went to Egypt for food but once Joseph their protector was gone the Pharaoh's became alarmed at the power of the people and because they were afraid they would gain in power and take their place, manipulated the people into slavery.

Death, destruction and enslavement always follow this devouring spirit.

In our own most recent history we've seen this spirit enslave and murder masses of people through the lies of Marxism for example. Stalin murdered somewhere near 23 million under his brand of collectivism. Hitler who supported socialist communist principles bent his human rule along racial lines and practiced eugenics, murdered 6 million Jews and many others totaling around 12 million counting all those who died in World War II. Mao Zedong under the same spirit murdered in the neighborhood of 75 million Chinese. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro on the tiny Island of Cuba murdered around 30,000 humans who disagreed with their totalitarian collective.

Does anyone see a pattern here with this spirit energy?

Jesus Christ murdered no one.

In fact for His cause in our salvation, he laid down his own life so others could live in one on one, face to face relationships with His Father, each one freely acting out their own unique divine purpose for the good of their fellow man in free conscience before God.

Everywhere this leader went people were healed of their afflicting diseases, people had life wrecking demon spirits of all kinds cast out of them, the poor were given opportunity, the downcast were lifted up and every life he touched was left enriched. The hungry were fed, the weakest were cared for, and the dead were raised, but he did speak against manipulators of men and demonic oppressors.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

This is the Christ.

When they came for Jesus in the garden, in an attempt to be helpful Peter grabbed a sword and cut off the ear of the servant of the high priest.

What did Jesus do?

He told Peter to put the sword away because that isn't what we're all about, then he picked up the man’s ear and reattached it to the side of his head, I'm sure it was in the right place too.

Then after they had arrested him and falsely accused him, beat Jesus and spit on him, tore the beard from his face, scourged him tearing deeply into his flesh with their whipping, smashed a crown of needle like thorns onto his head, stripped him bare naked (which is how they did crucifixions) and nailed him that way in public humiliation to a cross, as he is there absorbing all the wrath and bitterness of men who hate God, and the religious leaders are shouting out their own insults against him, Jesus lifts his eyes to his heavenly Father and says,

“Father forgive them, they don't really know what they are doing.”

What Spirit Are We?

What is the foundation of your polarity?

Next Topic: Polarity - What Spirit Are We?

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