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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity - What Spirit Are We?

Quite some time ago in these Blogs I mentioned something that was taught me one day in prayer as I was walking and talking to a very excited Holy Spirit.

It not only came as a word, but as I asked what it meant, the word was accompanied by a very real and dynamic vision which is a way of communication God has used with humankind since the beginning.

"Nothing is what it appears to be on it's surface", is how the thread began, and as I paused, puzzled because it was completely out of context with anything in our previous conversation, the second half of the word came which was, "Everything in life is spirit."

Still puzzled, it was when I said, "Whaaat?" that everything came alive around me.

I realized in that moment that everything, and I mean most literally everything, from birds, to trees, to flowers, to rocks, to insects, to dogs, to cats, to squirrels, and to people, that everything, literally everything is what it is in appearance and expression because at the core fractal, or the deep level of it's animation, there is an energetic impetus that causes it to be precisely what it is.

This energetic level is where we begin to touch upon the realities of spirit, that being the essence of animating energy at the causative level.

The difficulty with humankind is related to our very spirituality and our ability to communicate and traffic with the dimension of spirit, sometimes wittingly but most times unwittingly, and this is the power of the stunning news that Jesus Christ has delivered to us as the Son of God, that the way has been made for us to understand the spiritual world and come back into a state of spiritual discernment, casting away what is evil and troubling to the order of God in creation and gathering to ourselves the animating power of the Holy Spirit who is God come to lovingly take up residence within us, literally making us His own offshoots and direct extensions, or as the scriptures put it, His sons and daughters, replicants of His image and likeness, desires and actions.

What Spirit Are We?

There is a difference you see in the polarity and purpose of our global Revolution compared to any revolution of human origin or of false faiths of false prophets. Men seek their own benefit to the exclusion of God, while God seeks your benefit by the inclusion of Himself, He being the very essence of creating life power, even setting aside His own comforts, wrapping Himself in the body of His Son Jesus, all for your blessing and my blessing because of love, pure love that values deeply you and me.

One day Jesus and his apprentices were passing by a village and the people living there didn't openly rush out to receive Christ. Some of his apprentices were offended and thought maybe a little fire from heaven would teach this city a damn good lesson by God, but hear instead the words of the Christ;

And when his apprentices James and John saw this they said, 'Lord, would you like for the two of us to command that fire comes down from heaven and consume them like Elijah did?'

But he turned to them and sharply rebuffed them saying, 'You have no idea what kind of spirit you're of, because the Son of Man has not (does not) come to ruin, destroy and make men's lives useless and devalued, but he has come to save them and to elevate them (Luke 9:54-56).

This is the polarity of our Revolution. We serve not a spirit of destruction of human life but of the promotion of life and lives in every capacity of flourishing empowerment.

Again, the words of Paul;

For the contest, the wrestling and thickness of battle in which we are engaged to the overthrow of the one against the other with intent of destroying (to kill or be killed),

Is not against (human) flesh and blood, but it is against causative spiritual magistrates called principalities, against (spiritual) governors exercising influence called powers, against (spiritual) lords of the darkness of this world called rulers, against spiritual enslavers to hardships and cruel toils of wicked intent and desire whose locations are in the unseen and elevated realm of the air and the heavens (Ephesians 6:10-12).

Our war, and it is a war, is on a higher plane.

Our violence, because it very much does exist, is against spiritual wickedness within the realms of the invisible and our weapons are spiritual and supernatural weapons of the high realm of the highest heaven.

Advantage us!

To engage men as men and not the spirits that are manipulating them will cause no genuine change, but when the spirit of a thing changes, everything changes.

Spirit is the core of life, determining the like kind that is expressed through the words and actions of the person(s).

By the facts of our calling if we choose to respond, we are exorcists of the highest level in operation in union with Jesus Christ.

It has never been a problem with the person(s), but with the spirit animations with which they have become familiar and have often by pure deception have come to trust.

Change the spirit of a thing and you change the subsequent expression.

It happens from within to without not without to within.

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