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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity - What It Looks Like

We have talked about the three great deep fountains God has placed in the universe. These three are faith, hope and love. This is a good description of the polarity into which our planet is being re-Christened.

But among the three powers there is one that is greater than the other two, that weaves itself into all things God, and the flavor and fragrance of that divine polarity is love.

Everything about our Revolution begins there with the love of God, and His love fills all the middle parts and His love is also the culmination of all things that are God.

Love is the invitation we are given to come and join together with and love is the high power upon which all creation has been founded though some elements have deviated from it.

The Father's love is the link to knowing Jesus Christ, knowing the heights and depths of Himself and the very passions of the Holy Spirit.

To be blind to love is to be blind to God.

In relation to all living things, all dark and devouring spirits excluded for they are anti-to-life, if it isn't love at the purest and deepest core element and motive force, then you can be certain that whatever else it is, it most certainly isn't God.

Even God’s judgments are rooted in balance scales of God’s love.

Without love we have missed the mark (sinned). No matter how we wish to justify it, if love is not the Spirit of the heart and expression, it is discordant with creation.

God is love.

Because God loved the world so much He gave to us His only begotten Son, so that whoever it is that believes on him would not be lost in the ruin, the decay and the destroying but instead receives to themselves as their own possession, the same never ending, unbound and unstoppable life.

Because God did not send His Son into the world to be the one condemning it, but that the world might instead through him be saved, finding their place of rest, care, wholeness and safety (John 3:16-17).

The love of God towards all mankind in an ever enlarging, effervescing expanse upon each individual is the eternal, never ending life being given to us.

It is God rooted life free of negative, downward dragging, and grave digging oppressions.

The doors begin to open to this life when we actualize through the words of faith, the incredible love God has for us. It is the actualization of the absolute love for us that initializes the gratitude of love toward God in turn, back out from us;

Fear ceases to exist within love, but entire, complete and whole love scatters out and away from it all fearing, because fearing grips as a tormenting thing. Whoever fears has not perfectly received the love.

The reason we love Him first and foremost is because He has loved us, from the highest possible position and rank over and above all things (1st John 4:18-19).

Jesus said the highest instruction of all is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, our entire mind, all our soul and all our strength (Matthew 22:37-39). But the fact is, God has made this one of the simplest and easiest things to do.

The darkness wants to make it difficult so you don't go to Him, because then when you do come to Him and integrate, you become dangerous. To love the Lord your God with everything in you is to literally fall completely head over heels in love with the Spirit of love, because according to the apostle John, God IS love and whoever loves is alive in God and God in him;

And we have known at the deepest possible level of intimacy, and we have believed the love that God is possessed and gripped with toward us. God is love, and whoever it is that lives their existence continually in love is living their existence continually in God, and God within him (1st John 4:16).

To step outside of love is to step outside of God, but to be saturated entirely in love is to be polarized according to the polarity of Jesus Christ.

This is the secret of the Foundation Stone upon which the new creation is founded. This is the divine dust from which the new humanity has been formed. It is the seed of God Himself and the core fractal of the whole of all existence, love.

God moved in love and creation appeared. God moved again and you appeared.

But the power goes beyond our oneness with Him in love and in true overflowing, effervescing status and runs like a river of living, refreshing, and life giving water out from us into everything surrounding us in streams of perpetual refreshing, unless of course the images that animate within us are out from spirits of darkness, bitterness, hatred and diminishing;

No one has seen God with their physical eyes at any time. If we love one another, God is living out His existence inside of us, and His love is being made whole, complete and perfected within us (1st John 4:12).

You see Jesus told us after loving God with all our heart, the other instruction of the simple two he left us was like a carbon copy of the first, only directed outward toward our neighbor. The polarity we are implementing on the world first by example is, love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:36-40). The apostle John said it this way;

If any man at all says, 'I love God', and yet hates, detests, wishes illness or any diminishing at all in his heart towards his brother, he is a liar who is committing double talk and breaking with the faith, for one that does not love his brother who he can see with his eyes, tell me how can he love God who he can't see with his eyes? (1st John 4:20).

We know that we have passed over from death and into life because we love our brothers...

…in the same way, whoever has this world’s goods but then sees that his brother has a need and turns off his feelings of compassion towards him, how is the love of God dwelling in continual streaming existence within him?

My little children, let's not love just in words and in grandiose speeches, but in actual expressed deeds and in truth (1st John 3:14-18).

Shutting out evil is shutting out hate and anything that would make another less instead of more.

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