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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity - Shutting Out Evil

Without a doubt evil is the weak power. In the same way that light is greater than darkness so is even the smallest little flake of grace, power and the love of God greater than any or even all evil.

Light a match in a dark room and see which power wins out. Do it again and see which one wins. Do it a thousand times and see how many times even the small light proves itself to be superior to the darkness.

In this is a lesson for us.

The power that evil holds is only an illusion when compared to light. It keeps people bound by fear of some pain of a sort.

But those that fear reprisal or whatever form the threat of pain comes in are already bound by it.

Like a bully in the neighborhood filled with threats of reprisal on whoever doesn't pay him in blood, so also are the spirits of oppression. The mere suggestion of an unpleasant consequence sends most earth only people running to serve the bully spirit.

What other option do they have without the fearless defiance that Jesus Christ has provided us, modeling to us the lifestyle of a son and daughter of God?

But the person whose life is rooted in the heavens with Christ, seated as one with him in his throne of power, has an entirely different perspective. They know the threat of pain or reprisal is ultimately meaningless.

Our Lord, and we in him, have already faced not only the pain of reprisal for breaking the bully spell, but have already passed through death itself and come away more powerful still, having put even that intimidation under foot.

The Book of Hebrews says it this way;

Seeing then that the children (the offspring) are participants in a flesh and blood reality, he also took part of it himself and in the exact same manner, becoming a full participant in the same existence, and this was so by means of going right through death, then death might become entirely inactive, inoperative and unable to be deployed as a threat against them, taking away its former meaning entirely from the one who at one time used death as a threatening power, I'm talking directly and specifically about the devil.

And instead, he set everyone free, removing forever and entirely the bullying fear of death that had kept them bound up their entire lifetime (Hebrews 2:14-15).

Jesus exposed the game of intimidation and publicly proved it a lie. In fact his entire lifetime, and particularly during his earth present years he proved the falsehoods of the lie we have been intimidated into accepting.

The power of Christ is the destruction and exposure of the bully’s myth.

Light is greater than darkness and love is greater than fear and life trumps death.

The apostle Paul wrote about the power of shutting out evil when he wrote to the Roman believers;

Don't pay back any man, no matter who they are, evil for an evil done to you. Instead foresee in your mind’s eye what is more eminent, surpassing, magnificent, honorable, more shapely and beautiful and opposite to the views seen by all men.

In that the power resides within you, cultivate the peace (in all its richness) with all men. You are esteemed highly in love, so you have no need to take revenge or vengeance into your own hands, but instead put any punishing response where it rightly belongs, because it is written, 'All vengeance belongs to Me not you. I will determine any time, place and method of pay back,' says the Lord.

Because of this, if someone who has made himself your enemy is hungry then feed him, if he is thirsty then give him something to drink, for by doing that you are in fact heaping great coals of flaming fire from God upon his head (a burning in his thoughts).

So, don't be overwhelmed, dominated, ruled or conquered by any evil, but overwhelm, dominate, rule and conquer evil by prevailing over it with good (Romans 12:17-21).

Written into the secret code of creation is a system of divine economics.

It is a divine, God created system of invisible (to us) weights and measures and it is flawless.

The increase of kindness, love and the grace of God, puts into motion automatic judgments upon evil. It is the inevitable consequence as certain as light causes darkness to flee away in terror.

Why? It is because the darkness can do nothing against it. This is a powerful lesson from the opening statements of the scriptures (see Genesis 1:1-3).

The apostle John knew about this power and wrote about it in his gospel record;

In the dateless, ageless past was the Word (the expression, the voice, the sound, the tone), and the Word was with God, and the Word was in fact God. The same (the expression, the voice, the sound, the tone) was in the dateless, ageless past as the supremacy of God.

The whole of everything was fashioned, formed and made by Him, and without Him was nothing made that was made, is made or shall be made. In Him (the expression, the voice, the sound, the tone) was and is all life and the life is the illumination, the lamp and guiding star for man.

And the light shone into the darkness, and the darkness had no comprehension, no capacity to respond, no ability to capture, grasp onto or assimilate, absorb or overcome it (John 1:1-5).

This is what Jesus taught his apprentices.

This is the force that he placed within his apostles and ignited into the 120 hearts who received the saturating immersion of the Holy Spirit on that first day of Pentecost after rising from the dead, destroying the illusion and the lie.

The new Foundation Stone had started the catalytic process of the new creation and the new humankind to which now you too are invited.

Will you come? Will you come all the way?

Justice is never mocked. God the adjuster is never unaware of all that is taking place.

One reaps in accord with what one sows. It is written into the code of the universe.

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