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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity - What If?

As someone who prays and intercedes quite a lot I can tell you there are streams of the Holy Spirit that will take you places you could never go, sometimes into the past, sometimes into the present and sometimes into the future, unless you were guided to them. These places are often vividly communicated by various visual impressions as well as what could be classified as prophetic dreams.

Within this context there is a recurring vision that began in 1970 that has stayed with me and only been enlarged upon through subsequent Holy Spirit ‘travels’ throughout the years.

The vision(s) has permeated my time with Jesus. It has haunted me, coming back again and again with new pieces, here a little, there a little. It has confused me at times over the years, it has inspired me and it has at times scolded me severely, and now it draws me like a beacon of destiny to which I am bent somehow by the grace of God to finding much like Abraham who looked for a city that was unlike any city ever seen before.

I will arrive, I hope, and in one piece, which I believe I have been assured I will.

The vision that stirs in me has to do with the multi varied geographies of earth on all their diverse spheres and levels from low to high, filled and overflowing with the glories of Jesus Christ.

I can see the outlines of what it looks like. I can taste its flavors, hear its sounds and smell its smells. It is truly heaven on earth, just as The Book declares that it will be.

It started in a flash of light one day not long after I had been rescued by Jesus Christ when I realized there was a complete hierarchy of spirits ruling people and geographies. It was stirred in the summer of 1972 when I saw a vision of strange churches, if you could even call them that, scattered in neighborhoods all over our city, but I was confused because what I saw didn't fit my forced fed mold of proper Christian church.

There were no buildings, just people in union with Jesus bringing the splendors of his resurrection into every neighborhood.

The vision was powerfully confirmed to me by the Holy Spirit around 1973 as I fed on the preaching of the infamous Ern Baxter (sample link) as he began to talk of a vision given to a man in which there were small little Quonset Huts, and people in geographic locations wondering, questioning and crying out, “Where are the people of the anointing?”

It wasn’t about the Quonset Huts, it was about the people of the anointing. It was about humanity’s hunger for the real deal God and the flow of His loving, healing power in every geopolitical sphere of influence.

Indeed, where are the people of the anointing?

But we believe we are mighty mega-church builders, still trying to build according to a model that came to us out of the horror of the dark ages in which men became gods within the guise of Christianity, where power was centralized in the hands of the few at the top in isolated towers and offices and titles, instead of the release of power into the many, on the streets, intermingling with real life, healing real pain, applying the solutions of the anointing of God to real need and relieving real suffering among people, just like Jesus did and does up to this present hour.

A people, walking, living and breathing the anointing. Where are they?

We did not and have not learned our lesson, because the same centralization of power under the banner of religion then, had the same effect on humanity just as all other forms of centralized despotism has had as the unquestionable, pious religious leaders became the enforcing power of the inquisition, and the false religious become responsible for the murder of masses of people spiritually, politically and sometimes physically too (see Jesus).

People of the anointing, exercising power by direct infusions of the Holy Spirit in unified movement with Him become threats in the way of any elite machine men build either religious or political, which power they are deeply determined to keep once acquired.

But what if?

What if that is not the direction we are meant to go? What if the power to fill the earth with the glory of God is not in the creation of demigods of Christianity and massive centralized power churches in which the power oracles can speak to their audiences of thousands of worshipful adherents, commanding and enlarging the billion dollar empires men have built?

What if the power to fill the earth with His glory is instead found in the impartation and release of those masses to become God hearted shepherds themselves over little flocks, just like David had been when God chose him out to be a king?

Then his oldest brother Eliab heard what he was speaking to the men and Eliab's anger was set blazing against David and he said, 'Why did you come down here? And who did you leave that little flock of sheep with in the wilderness? (1st Samuel 17:28).

What if the real giant killers are found taking care of small flocks, shepherding, caring, healing, killing the lions and killing the bears and other predatory beasts that come to destroy people’s lives in small scale, truly “hands on” real life power encounters with ‘yasha’ style salvation?

What if the glory of God filling the earth means the glory of God touching a life and a home then spreading out to a next door neighbor’s life and home, reconciling all the small spaces, all the little nooks and crannies to God?

What if it means the real Jesus, coming to bring his resurrection power into a neighborhood, treeing it and then jumping the fence to a neighborhood adjoining it?

What if, instead of drawing the believers continually out and away from their immediate geographies and into our mega life absorption centers, we empowered them and gave them the tools and foundation to be effective and actual administrators of Christ, releasing them to become real shepherds within their immediate metrons, maybe that block of people that make up their own neighborhood.

What if the re-polarization of the planet were to take place by means of powerful, focused, concerted spiritual warfare taking place within measurable, manageable geographies?

I remember Father Nash, Abel Clary and Charles Finney bringing individual hearts under the power of the stunning news of Jesus and treeing whole villages with the glory of God by effective spiritual warfare. I remember our Lord Jesus treeing villages too when he sent small bands of raiding parties two by two, and coming back to him with their reports he said, “I saw satan fall from heaven.”

Could it happen again? Will it happen again? I think so. I won’t be satisfied until it does.

What about you? Are you going the distance?

As a rider who is sent out to see what the landscape looks like ahead and then report back, I see something on the horizon and it is concerning and exciting. It is concerning because I see God dismantling some things and reversing their flow. It is exciting because I see the power of His unbound life being released within shepherds of small flocks, thousands and thousands and thousands of them.

Now, as we draw very close to the end to this series on spiritual Revolution, let me share with you a vision I was given.

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