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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity - 10,000 Shepherds

I was in prayer one day and I went on a journey. In the journey I saw a man and he was praying in a house. He was praying over his neighborhood and for the glory of God to be poured out. And then there were two praying together and there was a golden glow that began to appear about them.

The two warriors became three and then they were four. Four warriors were praying for their neighbors that the splendor of God would be poured out on them.

Then a crisis came up at one of the neighborhood houses and the four reached out with the grace they were given, pouring out the love and care of the Lord Jesus and that house was added to their number.

Then it began to spread through the neighborhood and there were ten houses as word spread that God was touching neighbors.

After this I saw the golden glow from one of these houses jump the back fence to a house on the other side and that house was joined. But then that house became a center of grace on its own reaching out to its relative neighborhood.

Soon there were two hearts there and then there were four and then there was a crisis in that neighborhood and the shepherds poured in the love and care of the Lord Jesus, and that neighborhood also began to glow with the golden glow.

But it didn't stop there. It kept spreading in the exact same way until a whole community began to glow, and then the city began to glow and it kept going like an infectious disease was being communicated from house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood.

Then I saw sparks of fire from the blowing of a gentle wind spread one spark here and one spark there to new places, and the process would begin in a new geography, and new neighborhoods and new cities began glowing with the golden glow.

As I sat watching, into the pictures came words similar to those of Jethro as he spoke to Moses saying,

“Listen now to my voice and I will give you counsel and God will be with you. Some will be God-ward for the people bringing causes to God, and teach them the decrees and directions, and show them the way to move about and what to do, and provide enabled shepherds, true ones who will not take advantage of others and there will be shepherds of tens, and shepherds of fifty and shepherds of hundreds and shepherds of thousands, and if there is a difficult matter among the tens, it can be moved to ever increasing levels until the answer appears meeting the need.”

As the words were spoken I could see them being modeled. An issue came up that could not be handled by the neighborhood. It then went forward, bringing to bear a greater force of prayers by a greater number of people.

This need handling went through three stages until the issue was resolved (See Exodus 18:14-23). This process happened twice, once in reference to a spiritual matter and another in reference to a natural, provisional matter.

The vivid nature of these pictures was resting in me. I was trying to understand them and what they might mean and then the words came, “Ten thousand shepherds.”

As usual this made no sense so I said, “What?” (God always seems to puzzle us into asking the next question).

Then it came again but slightly different saying, “Then thousand times the thousand, and thousands of thousands” only this time it made sense as I saw a picture of ten thousand shepherds being raised up and doing an exciting work on satisfying needs by the power of Jesus Christ and bringing peace to small scale metron’s of influence.

The raising of the shepherds was not in the context of our usual pastor mentality, but in the context of there being shepherds and pastor callings upon people, vast numbers of people, who had been overlooked because of certain boxed in, limiting paradigms that are often held and defended as if they were equivalent to truth.

People were becoming shepherds to their neighborhoods and their manageable metrons of influence with as much power and backing of the Holy Spirit as anyone we might traditionally see and recognize as possessing a calling from God.

Then I saw the shepherding anointing spread out across the earth again as shepherds began spawning other shepherds and soon there was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands, so many in fact that they couldn't be counted, and God was geographically touching the earth through their hands and their words.

Believe the vision or not. That's up to you of course, as always.

I have no axe to grind. I'm just a scout who for some reason gets sent to ride the crest of the horizon, see what's out on the edge and come back with a report.

I enjoy this part of it. I really do.

"However, when this selfsame Spirit of Truth comes to you, then guidance will be given to you into all that is real and true, for the words spoken will not be spoken apart, as from a different generative source, but whatever has first been heard will then be spoken, and he will show you things to come.

This same one will give honor to me, for what is received is the echo of me which is then rehearsed in turn to you too" (John 16:13-14).

I know I believe and I'm glad if just a seed of these things finds a place to rest in you too.

Let's move next to the end of this Blog series.

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