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Spiritual Warfare: Polarity - A Closing Thought

In what is now 172 Blog posts, I have taken you through paragraph by paragraph the much larger body of work titled 'The Revolution Is ON!' which I wrote and recently revised with new information and have re-released.

It is a book on spiritual warfare. It is a book inspired to serve as a primer on the topic of global exorcism which I believe the scriptures teach us is the purpose of the sons and daughters of God. The book is a 'Manifesto for global transformation through the application of supernatural powers." It is meant to highlight the purpose of Jesus Christ and you and I in the earth.

These things are epic. They are magnificent. They are powerful. They are real. What I have written is meant to empower you to utilize the redemption in Jesus Christ to effect from a level of spirit the measure surrounding you, which God has given you to effect with His splendor.

Now...let me finish with the following:

There have been many restorative moves of God since the period of the dark ages. As each move has come, a deposit of truth has been left behind, often hidden in the smokescreen of peoples over reactions and men’s tendency to abuse and attempt to control (monetize?) what God has done in a generation.

When humanity usurps the power of Christ, he leaves us to our own devices as the eyes of the Lord search for a new resting place.

In the last fifty years we have seen some amazing things take place within the Kingdom of God, but each new wave has appeared and disappeared in response to men’s attempts to gain control or we could say, “Get their hands on the Ark of God” in order to control its shakings (See 1st Chronicles 13:7-10) for whenever God is on the move to someplace new, there are always shakings.

But, there is a theme in scripture regarding the word of the Lord coming a second time. We see it in Moses as he knew his mission and tried to deliver his brothers but wound up in the wilderness until the word of the Lord came to him renewing his call a second time.

We see it in Israel as they missed their first approach to the Promised Land and God later gave them a second chance. We see it in Jonah as after a period of time he calls out to the Lord and it says, “The word of the Lord came a second time to Jonah” (Jonah 3:1). We see it in Peter after his denial of Jesus and in failure he returns to fishing, but Jesus meets him on the beach of Tiberias and renews his call (see John 21).

I believe the word of the Lord is coming a second time to this generation and the moves of God we have seen over the last fifty years are coming again but as they come the second time to us, the pieces will be put in their right places, the way they were supposed to be at the start.

We took the short cuts when the word came the first time as Abraham did with his word and wound up with Ishmael. But it’s coming and as it comes again we will possess the promises, not by our power but by His power so no flesh can boast of its own greatness in His sight.

I can tell you what I see. I see a decentralizing shift coming in which power is released on a massive scale among large masses of believers in relevance to all geographies with millions of shepherds caring for millions of people in face to face relationships in a streamlined, highly functional and extremely efficient in every way methodology. But, we’re currently not ready for this kind of Christ experience and so I sincerely beg your prayers.

I can't say too much more really, other than my purpose for certain is to stir the pot.

The current structure of the church as we know it today was formed in the dark ages and for all practical purposes, we haven't really changed that model, we've only adapted it to our different levels of Jesus experience.

Could it be time to rethink both our mission and our methodology? Are we limiting the power of the harvest by models that cannot accommodate the millions and the billions of souls that can be dynamically reached?

I began one day just in my region to consider all the churches that exist and of course all the new ones that every other week start up and those too that blew up or are going away every so often.

I began to calculate just the material resources in way of land, facilities, heating and cooling costs, parking lots, staffing and overhead and etc, etc, etc, and it became mind boggling very quickly. Having started and run classic Church organizations, I know the details. The numbers get out of control and the consumption of resources is immense.

But it’s not just the cost there, but all of that resource has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is people’s lives in this model. It is not just the dollar figure, though that is significant in itself, but the time figure and the human energy consumption.

Beyond just dollars is the investment of maintaining the machines we build.

Beyond the maintenance of the machine is the toll on human lives and the toll on so many leaders working within a system that has a historic tendency to eat good men and good women alive and then spit them out with little regard for them once they are gone.

I'm not saying what I think I see in any way is a mere economic issue, because our Father has no lack for resources for our provision, but He left temple building a long time ago and now He invests in people because people are the habitation God has always sought to place His image and likeness within.

I truly believe the wealth of all the nations is at the disposal of our Lord Jesus and it is meant to be completely administered within the stewardship of his love. But I do encourage you to stretch your concepts along the lines of the mission and efficiency of resources in reference to it.

What if? What if there was and is a better way?

What impact would a streamlined approach have? And what would of course be the reasons associated with not creating a more transfigurative and streamlined model?

Have we undermined our own mission by a strange and weirdly skewed and possibly overloaded concept of what being an official pastor or ‘official’ church must look like in order to be a legitimate ministry? This is food for thought and I’m glad to give it to you.

I will end with this:

In the paradigm of Christ, the value measure of any ministry is weighed by how effectively one can release those around them into their own greatness in life and mission. As administrators of Jesus Christ none of us should ever take the role of lord's of God's heritage, but rather, helpers of the joy and faith of his people. May they all become marvelous in the earth!

Thanks and may your life be blessed by the Spirit of the Lord of all, Jesus Christ,


The End

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