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ZENITH KALEO - What is Personal Peak Efficiency?

In what has become known as 'The Kaleo Method' of personal growth and development or as it is also called 'The Kaleo Method of Success', the objective focus of the individual or group of associated individuals is on each ones uncluttered peak efficiency.

Efficiency is when when all the parts in the person or group of persons are moving in concert with no drag on the smooth flow of output potential.

A lot of us lead fairly cluttered lives and this is not just in reference to having a messy desk or basement full of too much stuff, though there can be correlations.

We live in a consumer world. We are continually bombarded with 'more is better' streams of advertising, which in fact is very spiritual in nature, and we are faced with the prospect that if we don't have this car, or this feature in our car, or this particular hair care product, or this set of the latest designer fashions, or this kind of house, or this...or this...or this...that the missing piece of this thing or that thing is why our lives are incomplete. So, we keep adding stuff.

Incomplete. The message that we are not sufficient. The selling philosophy that life, our life, is lacking if we don't do a thing, eat a thing, have a thing, etc, etc, ad nauseum, meaning to the point of sickness, which is a reality we actually face then at varying levels if we buy into it all.

So with all of this spiritual focus on how much we are dissatisfied and how much is somehow missing in our lives, we often keep adding and adding more to ourselves both inwardly and outwardly until we can no longer see the forest for the trees.

This often takes place spiritually and subsequently in our emotions also, clouding our efficiency and freedom of agile movement in the things we are really meant to be and do.


If you've ever watched any of the reality TV shows on the psychological disorder of hoarding, you get an idea of what is happening spiritually within our larger social structure. The hoarder is the epitome of our consumer driven, or we could say our dissatisfaction driven droning voice that broadcasts to us everywhere, every day, that we somehow need more because what we do have is deficient, we are inadequate, and if we don't have this latest thing we are incomplete.

The hoarders life becomes so cluttered that even normal day to day function becomes entirely impossible. Many of us in our inner lives, find ourselves in this place spiritually in reference to our amazing and eternal purpose in God and in our own related lives.

What is the solution? Well after dealing with the underlying fear of not having what it takes, which is a spiritually rooted emotional and perceptual problem, the solution is to 'de-clutter'.

De-clutter? Yes. Healing comes through de-cluttering all the stuff that's in the way.

In the writings of scripture this is known as 'temperance'. It is the process of eliminating drag.

As our 'de-cluttering' occurs, freedom to move about our spaces and utilize them in conjunction with our eternally designed purpose returns once again to us.

So, what do we mean by Peak Efficiency?

Peak efficiency occurs when the de-cluttering process is thoroughly engaged. You have a space that was designed in your very creation as a person that is both unique and a perfect fit for you.

Returning to our efficiency involves identifying what things have been placed by you, or even by others, which may well be the bulk of our clutter, who came by and dropped a load of stuff off in your living room, that is now blocking access full use of your unique open spaces?

In other words, God has created a space for you. It is unique. It is amazing. It is beautiful. But, due to the clutter that has accumulated in the space made for you, the stuff in the way means you can't get anything done. Though you may or may not know what the space once looked like, if you did, you can't even identify it anymore. It seems like the room you knew has disappeared.

If you think in terms of an airplane and its power of flight, if the airplane is weighted way too much it cannot achieve maximum flight speed and will lack agility to maneuver in the air. It lumbers along and every move is sluggish and maybe even dangerous.

In fact, if the airplane is loaded with too much cargo it may not even get off the ground. This illustration is pertinent to our own lives.

In order to achieve flight the airplane has to overcome what is called drag. Drag is the force or the weight that works directly against velocity. You as an individual or part of a group of individuals face these same challenges. Flight velocity is achieved as drag is eliminated and overcome.

If you were to picture a person walking around with a series of 100 pound weights hanging off each of their appendages, it is easy to see the drag against their efficiency and nimbleness. It is not so easy to see when it comes to invisible, spiritual and emotional drag.

Peak efficiency begins as the drag points against efficiency are removed and new freedom capacity to function becomes possible.

In a way, this is like an exorcism. Eliminating the evil (the drag against eternal purpose) and adaptation to new and wonderful power and freedom.

The ancient term for this as mentioned is referred to as temperance, being a liberating experience of freeing the person from all the weights inhibiting their flight to personal excellence.

If we were mechanics working on an engine we might say, "Wow! Listen to that baby hum. It's hitting on all cylinders." and we would be referring to its effortless smooth motion, its efficiency and its subsequent power.

This is most certainly a 'Christ Concept' highlighted in scriptures for example like Ephesians 4:16 where the writings refer to the people of Jesus functioning in "the effective working of energy in the metron of every part."

The Kaleo Method of Success is employed as a helpful tool in the 'tune up' process.

One size does not fit all. The world is full of individuals. Every purposed group is made up of individuals. All healing must take place on an individual basis.

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo

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