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ZENITH KALEO - What do you mean: Zenith?

The Band Aerosmith poses a question in their song 'Amazing' which asks - "How high can you fly with broken wings?"

It is a song Steven Tyler and Richie Supa wrote together in reference to their rising again from the depths of addiction. It is a song that conveys their personal story. (Click here).

Addiction doesn't have to be to drugs or alcohol.

We talked in yesterdays blog about 'Peak Efficiency' and the process of eliminating drag against our own success.

You were, and are meant to fly, and to fly in harmony with a purpose whose roots are so amazingly congruent with the person God created you to be, that finding that place and living in it is mind boggling, to say the least.

In the Son of God teachings presented by Jesus Christ, he explained that 'sweet spot' in life this way, saying;

"Come to me all of you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, teaming up with me, and learn to practice what I practice for I am a gentle teacher and totally supportive from my very heart, and you will find rest and restoration for your soul." (Matthew 11:28-29).

The sweet spot.

When I refer to 'the sweet spot" what do I mean? What does the sweet spot have to do with The Kaleo Method of Success?

The sweet spot is that place where your soul, the invisible you that holds within it a dimension of eternity, stemming from the very breath of God, the One who has created you beautiful and for beautiful causes and reasons, finds that place of inner rest and assurance where life, and living, and being are no longer a struggle because you've found, as we used to say in the 60's and 70's, your 'groove'.

In some places they refer to this personal state of harmony as 'the flow' while still others call it 'the zone'. The flow, is that place of personal being where one is fully immersed in their sense of focus. It is a state where all the pieces keep fitting into place because the heart and mind of the person is engaged with something that touches on their eternal life, swimming in a stream whose headwaters resonate with the very seed of their own creation.

But the question remains, "How high can you fly with broken wings?"

What are your addictions, and I don't necessarily mean drugs, alcohol, or some other obvious drag against your efficiency, but any of the things that in some way have taken possession of large or small chunks of your life, your time and your application of life energy that are anti-to the destiny for which you are ordained?

The Kaleo Method of Success on the one hand is like an excavator, working to dig into these very foundational things and exorcise the demons, so to speak, then bringing the salve of healing and empowering to those customized wings with which you were designed to fly.

What do you mean Zenith?

By definition, 'zenith' refers to the apex of any object's trajectory.

Zenith is the highest point reachable by the object in question, which is you.

It is the pinnacle.

Zenith is the maximum elevation attainable.

The Greeks had a special word they used to describe this apex in a person's life noted by them as the word arete'. It is from this word arete' that we get our English word art. In the ancient writings of scripture it is often translated by the word 'virtue', but it is all the same word.

Being considered a great virtue, arete' describes that level a person reaches in which the gifts they possess are refined through repeated exercise and practice to such a level of excellence they take on a demonstrable beauty, as the gift in them becomes an unsurpassable art form that, because of its own unique individuality, is incapable of being duplicated by anyone else.

It begins by knowing what is in you. What was deposited in you by an eternally divine action of creation that is rooted in God's direct love for you. The mystery starts unfolding when you begin to clarify what resident gifts you have been given to possess.

Having a gift, like a present under the Christmas tree, and opening the gift and putting it into play are two very different things. We must open the box and find out what is in it before we can know the joy of the gift.

So we have to ask ourselves first, "Do we know them?"

Second, "Are they active?"

Third, "Are they being practiced and developed into a high level skill?"

Or, are they buried? Are they suppressed? Are you afraid of them?

Have they been stolen from you through words you've heard from others or words you've told yourself? Have they been stolen from you through the beat down of circumstances?

If so, then it is time to unbury them and to raise them from the dead.

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo

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