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ZENITH KALEO - What do you mean: Zenith Kaleo?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

There are things about the presence of God that are always present in His presence.

On the one hand God is present everywhere, yet within creation there is a certain liberty given in both the angelic arena and the arena of humankind in which harmonic union with God who is the existence of all existence, is actually a choice that can be made.

It is very much as if God sends forth invitations to come join Him and to enjoy all the wonders of His great banquets and feasts and parties of joy and wonder and as the invitations come to us we have the right to say, "Yes! I would love to be with You for this", or "No. I've got other things I would rather do."

The problem is that inside the feasts are all the wonders and provisions and powers of life, while outside His invitations it can be a pretty cold, harsh and brutal world where each day is a struggle for survival.

It seems strange doesn't it, that people and certain angelic beings would reject an invitation to such wonders?

But, it does happen and as we look across the world it becomes more and more obvious.

We could sure use more "Yeses" and this is what Zenith Kaleo and The Kaleo Method of Success are all about. It is about you finding your invitation, and saying yes to the banquet feast God has already prepared in advance for you to participate in.

In harmonic union with God, in entering into an eternal purpose and touching that magic, comes harmonic union with all the coordination points in creation itself. A flow of supernatural power to cause good waits there for you and I to enter into, becoming ourselves a copious channel for the flow of life on a scale of infinity, just like the One who created that space for us.

Putting it together - So what then is Zenith Kaleo?

Zenith Kaleo are just words, but they are a combination of words then that are used to describe what could be the most important secret element in every person's life.

Combined and put into our language, Zenith Kaleo points us toward 'the high calling' and purpose for our unique and individual lives as we have discussed in the last few blogs. (Blog 04: What is Zenith?) (Blog 05: What is Kaleo?)

Zenith Kaleo, or the tools used which are known as The Kaleo Method represent a process in freedom that examines and seeks to solidify for each person what that deep calling is, on the one hand, and then to discover in what ways we might apply ourselves in developing and practicing our crafts with the intention of reaching the apex of our own personal art form in whatever expression that excellence uniquely looks like, in whatever form it takes.

It's like going to a restaurant called Zenith Kaleo in order to have served up a luscious plate called The Kaleo Method of Success.

Satisfying...very satisfying.

Does Every Person Have an Art?

In creation, the answer to this question is, "Yes, you do have a personal art form and it is a divine calling."

Now, let's go on a path of discovery and explore all the ways we can fan the flames of your own passions to pursue your divine calling to its apex, for a thing the Greeks called arete', meaning an art (a level of excellence - see Blog 04) has been prepared for you.

In the divine economy every person is unique. Every person is created to excel.

Zenith Kaleo is a point where we can join the building blocks together to help facilitate your growth towards the excellence and art God created you with.

A WARNING IS IN ORDER THOUGH: The processes provided by the Kaleo Method are 'Theocentric' which is a fancy way to say they are spiritually centered. In the Son of God teachings, Jesus was clear that what is going on inside of the person, becomes the expression or 'fruit' of that person. In connecting the 'within' to God and the wonder made uniquely for you opens new horizons in a myriad of ways for the person.

We will discuss spirituality along the way and ideas about God. What image do you hold of God? What is it in your life do you believe to be power for in the most basic definition of the word God we learn the ancient word 'El' (god) means 'power'?

Did you know, your concepts of 'power' define your understanding of god with a small 'g' or God with a capital 'G' as the case may be, for the understanding of God (or god) is highly relevant to your belief in power.

How big is God to you? What do you imagine power to look like? It could be your god is not reflective of God at all. Could your god be too small? Far less than God actually is?

What you accepted and what you believe to be power, whether you realize it or not, is what ultimately defines how far you will allow yourself to travel along the paths of your destiny. I'll ask again, "How expansive is your image of God?"

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime then let's get started!

The door to the future is your passage to the new and liberated you. Are you ready?

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo

Next Blog: So what then is Theocentric?


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