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ZENITH KALEO - What do you mean: Theocentric?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Zenith Kaleo is all about the individual discovering their own unique calling (not the one imposed on them by others or even by culture and society) and then operating in that personal calling in such a self respecting way that the person elevates their calling into a state of personal art.

When we exercise ourselves in the stream of our calling, refining our moves in conjunction with it via trial and error and adjustment to what we know is an even more excellent way, we put ourselves on the path to becoming craftsman or women second to none in the metron of our call.

But calling, or what is known as 'kaleo' in the Greek language and similar words in various cultures throughout the world, assumes a supernatural origin. Calling is something gifted to us by virtue of a divine power who also empowers the individual as they touch the stream of their own unique origin.

Calling points to origin, and things determined about us and for us prior to our arrival here within the more crystallized elements of creation. We are here for a meaningful purpose at this very time in history to exercise our calling and its associated gifts, in order to bring further beauty, harmony, love, liberty and joy into every space we find ourselves in as we travel our life's journey.

Origin means there is an Originator. Genesis means there is a Generator. Calling means there is a Caller who has created the call, a Voice that is speaking to you about a treasure that belongs to you, made for you and meant for you. You sense it is there, but how clearly are you hearing it? How freely can you hear it apart from all the other voices demanding your attention and your time? Some are legitimate, some are not at all.

Jesus, in the Son of God instructions speaks to us of our 'reconciliation' to God, the Originator, and the instructions are meant to realign us with the flow of life that is not temporal (short lived, small, confined and temporary) but life that is eternal (infinite, with no end or outbound limit) in the vastness of its multi-dimensional experience.

At some point, if you are to find the call, you will come face to face with The Caller.

This is what is meant by the term 'Theocentric'. Theos refers to God and centric refers to centrality. Theocentric means there is an axis out from which all the energy emerges and that axis of energy at work creating from within us is God in all divine and boundless possibility and wonder.

The genesis or genetic source of the stream of eternal life stretching into the realm of one's pre-existence, threading now through time, and extending out beyond time (as it is transcendent to time) flows to us from The Generator of it all.

The central axis from which all flows is God and the wonder of it all is that God is more than happy to share Himself with you and with me, in fact His love is calling us into this shared relationship.

This is the message of the ancient writings of scripture and the power of the Jesus Christ, Son of God teachings. It is all meant to bring you back again to the fountain where the water is the water of pure and absolute life, life unmixed and unmingled with any other thing. Life and life without an end or outbound limit. Life as vast as God is.

The Kaleo Method of Success is designed for discovery.

As we move along, it can lead the person to the axis of 'Theocentric' living on a day in, day out flow of life.

Among other amazing things, there are three constants one will find in 'The Stream':

1). Infinite liberty.

2). Infinite empowerment.

3). Infinite love.

It is as if there is a choreography of sound and movement in the universe that each one of us is invited to come and join, unifying and synchronizing our spaces with it.

The apostle Peter said it this way;

"Consequently, being even more eager, ready and willing, my brothers, apply the focus of your energies in bringing to the forefront your calling and what you have been uniquely chosen to do, making it stable and firm so you can walk confidently upon it, for if you follow the instructions you will never falter or fall.

For on account of this, a portal, a door of entrance, a gate will open, leading to an epic choreography of full supply and continual assistance to you and abundantly so, leading into the infinite, non stop power domain of our Lord (Triumphant Champion,our Mentor) and Savior Jesus Christ" (2nd Peter 1:10-11).

I like the sound of that. Do you?

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo

Next Blog: Dissecting 'Kaleo'. What the Ancients saw.


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