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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: What did the ancients see?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

One of the great mysteries of life is found among the Proverbs written by Solomon who became a great channel of divine wisdom. In his day, people came from all over the world to hear him speak the things he was receiving from God.

Through the Spirit of God, who is the epitome of eternal and transcendent wisdom, the following words were given to Solomon;

"Where there is no prophetic utterance, no vision or no conceptualizing the future, where hope and dreams have died...then people perish, they waste away as individuals or whole nations becoming weak and impoverished...but those who focus on a direction given are blessed with great joy, great happiness, progress and advancement" (Proverbs 29:18).

The reputation of God is that He is the God of hope, which is by definition, "The expectation that something good is about to happen." Jeremiah the prophet speaking as the oracle of God, expressed the heart of God this way;

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, and they are thoughts of peace and prosperity, and not of evil and trouble, each of them is formed to give you a hope filled expectation of the future" (Jeremiah 29:11).

You may not have realized this about God. You're thoughts regarding the All Permeating, All Present, and All Seeing One may have led you in some other direction. You may have figured God had something else in mind for you other than partnering up with you for good and positive results, but that would be a wrong perception of Him. I can safely say that it is not God who sows those kind of dark ideas into the heart of mankind.

The concepts of 'vision' and 'calling' are overlapping ideas and they are a very powerful force in the lives of those who receive them as they bring the focus of mind and energies into a state of certainty and single minded purpose.

The human mind is an amazing thing. It is when the mind is singularly focused that the highest levels of one's creativity is unleashed and enlightenment flows with regard to its focus, unfolding magnificent waves of insight and energy.

Jesus, in the Son of God instructions teaches us '...when your eye is single...your whole body will be full of light...but if your eye is divided (evil)...your whole body will be full of darkness' (see Luke 11:34).

What About Calling?

Understanding one's calling allows for a streamlining process in the life of the person. The English word 'calling' has fascinating roots. In the Greek New Testament this word for one's calling is the Greek word 'kaleo' which is precisely what we are delving into in this series of blogs.

The etymology of this word takes us on a guided tour through many languages but in each of the languages it always carries the same idea.

Those who study languages realize a fascinating fact, that all languages have interwoven commonalities. What this means from a researcher's standpoint is that language etymology leads us to the conclusion all human languages were at one time a single language, eventually dividing up into varying dialects with common phonetic sounds, while their word symbols and meanings maintained having many identical, overlapping roots. In historical records, there is in fact a reference for such a thing to have happened during the time of Babel and the tower of Babel which you can read for yourself (see Genesis 11).

Let's take a moment and look at some of those interweaving languages;

The Egyptian 'Ka'

In ancient Egyptian, a word associated with calling is ‘Ka’ being symbolized by a figure with two arms extending out of the figures head. The hands on the arms are raised equally to the same level. The symbol of the Ka in Egypt conveyed the idea that each person born has a spiritual double like an identical twin, one being the physical and earthly person, the other being the spiritual counterpart of the person.

The raising of the hands to the same level indicated that the duty of the person here in the physical plane was to mirror or match in life the image of their 'other' person who was the spiritual person bringing the two into a justified or balanced state, the one hand matching the height of the other hand.

The Hebrew 'Kaph'

The Hebrews, independently of the Egyptians, also had a word. The Hebrew word is the letter and pictographic symbol known as 'Kaf' and you can already see the similarity in phonetics between Ka and Kaf. The pictorial symbol of Kaf is also represented as a hand (similarity #2) and in Hebrew, the symbol of the hand of Kaf carries in it two things, one of them being the idea of potential, the hand resembling the hand of God on the person and the other being the idea of actual and in it we have the same idea that the actual and the potential are meant to equal one another being the spiritual and the physical elements of the person, the two becoming one and the same as the person lives up to their divine potential the hand of God has imparted to them.

The Greek 'Kaleo'

In the Greek word 'Kaleo' there is a merging of two ideas, one being borrowed from the Egyptian 'ka' and that being merged with the idea of 'leo' symbolizing 'the lion'. Putting them together we have the idea that the 'ka' as related to the person is the power and roaring voice of that individual it also having its origin in the gods, designating his or her territory and unique space given them and their measure of procreation (power to create or replicate) that is unique to them.

A much fuller explanation of this as well as its roots in Sanskrit is available in the book 'NOW We Are the Sons of God' (NOTE: Currently unavailable as it is undergoing an update) written specifically for men, but women are able to benefit from it as well.

All of this is saying, there are in essence two you's.

There is the you that exists in the realm of heaven, in the mind and image and likeness of God, and then there is the you that is of the earthly realm, in the present here and now and the same idea exists, that God has created you with an eternal purpose rooted in within His own image and likeness, and it is His delight to help you begin to understand that person and the incredible potential you carry, backed by all the powers of His love for you.

The 'calling' comes from an eternal, spiritual place and in it is your vision and your greatest, highest, and most magnificent hope as it is born in the thoughts of God towards you.

Let's conclude with this, that Jesus spoke of children and how their angel was always beholding the face of their Father in heaven.

In the next post we will delve a little into this part of the Son of God teachings. Who is this angel and what is this angel all about?

In the Kaleo Method of Success, we probe into these things to see what we can discover about you and what might constitute your eternally rooted person.

Harmony comes when the two sing together.

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo

Next Blog: Children and Their Angels


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