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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Opening to Enlightenment

I am a 'Growth Facilitator' and I have been ever since the day I joined the Jesus gang of radicals.

What was given to me was so incredible I wanted to share the freedom experience with others too, so I did, and others who sensed the Spirit of God invitation to them were also radicalized like I was.

I went through various incarnations in pursuit of my own calling as a 'Growth Facilitator'.

There was the period of the 'Jesus Houses'.

Then, there was the period as 'Church Planter' and 'Prophetic Presbyter',

The period of 'Pastor' of some sorts and K-12 'School Principal', global traveler/speaker, and then the empty period.

The empty period started when something inside of me began to say, "Let My people go, so they can serve Me."

Everything in my 'People Helping World', or what I assumed was God's plan for people helping, suddenly looked quite unlike what I had imagined it to be.

It was a confusing time. What I thought was purpose, wasn't purpose. I had unfortunately been sold on a version of purpose that wasn't a perfect fit for me. It wasn't malicious, it just wasn't correct. The 'sellers' were just working within their comfort zone and surface acceptability.

We all do that.

But, the words of the Holy Spirit, which is the God Code inside of the recipient, brought a light to me that I was not prepared to receive, and like a very sharp knife, the words began to cut into the heart of the concepts that I was working with...and cut them away.

That can be painful.

It took years, actually. It took worlds crumbling...over and over...as the cutting away of my assumed packaging...or was it a box...or was it a prison I was demanding the Holy Spirit to fit into, you know...the infinite Spirit of the infinite Creator of the infinite multiplexes of universes...required to fit into a box of human making before I would allow the Spirit to be who the Spirit is, while I be who I am?

The process continues of course.

But, with each incremental slice of the unprofitable, the profitable becomes clearer and clearer.

I share this with you because it's true and because, if you are to engage fully your own calling (the Kaleo we have been discussing), just like me, there may be things and ideas and perceptions about how it is supposed to work in you that will need adjustment.

Sometimes things will need to be added. Sometimes things will need to be removed that are really just 'clutter', things that impede the scope of who you are and the magnitude of the divine arts you are created to excel at demonstrating.

You, like me, have been created for the purposes of God's love.

You, like all of us, need to let that happen.

The apostle John said something interesting in one of his letters which indicates quite possibly the foundational rock that has caused the entire Jesus movement, which has sustained now for the last 2,000 years or so, and is making a powerful resurgence here, now in our time.

John wrote - "And we have known and believed the love that God has towards us. God is love; and whoever it is that dwells in that love dwells in God, and God in him." (1John 4:16)

There was something they picked up during their time with Jesus, the Son (the Beloved) of God that they realized applied to them too. Being right there with Jesus, they knew the love. They saw the love. John even says they handled it and they knew it was for them too, just like it was for Jesus.

Then there was something else. They didn't just know it, like it was information on the page of a science book somewhere, but they believed it. They believed it was true for them also. It became personal between them and the direct line of sight between them and God, the infinite One.

The Kaleo in your life, the created purpose for which the love of God has spoken you into being, your calling, is deeply important, not only to your own synthesis within the creation, but it is important to all of us here now, in this present generation.

The love is love that is meant to fill you...and then to overflow to the likes of me, and the person next to you, and the people in your metron of influence, and the people who are still coming your way, somehow drawn to you, somehow sent into your unique measure of space.

Me? I'm just a 'Growth Facilitator'. I'm better at it now than I was before. The workings of the Holy Spirit have seen to that.

I'm glad the Spirit will continue to work the works of God's love in us, perfecting the unique image and likeness of God in each of us.

Such love is unrelenting.

Pursue your call. Let me know if I can help.

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Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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