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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: What Is Success?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Here is a big question. Is God at all interested in your success? Does God care about you directly, specifically as a person He has created?

From what I know, there isn't a person who comes into this physical arena who didn't arrive here first and foremost apart from a word spoken from within the animating cause that is God.

Listen to what the apostle John wrote;

"In the beginning, in the dateless, ageless past, there was 'the word', and 'the word' was with God (El Chaim - the very power of life itself), and 'the word' was, is and ever will be God.

This is the very same (the word, the utterance, the sound, the voice, the frequency, the broadcast) that was in the beginning with God.

All things, individually, collectively, everything of every type was, is and ever will be generated by Him, coming into existence and appearing upon the stage of history because of Him, and apart from the place and space that is Him, nothing is generated that can be generated in all that has been generated.

In Him was and is and ever shall be life, and that life is the light of men, each one's luminosity meant to shine and be made manifest, sending forth its rays.

And that light is what is to shine then into the darkness, and the darkness is powerless to take hold of it, to obtain it overtake it or even understand it" (John 1:1-5).

You see what I mean? No one gets in here apart from a word, the emission of a divine utterance and sound emanating out from God who is El Chaim, the very power of life itself, being sent forth via a human father and a mother, who then crystallizes in the mothers sacred womb and is manifest here in the earth arena at exactly the right time.

In the life spoken into being by God, there rests a light that is meant to shine into places that are void, and to fill those void places with its illumination, manifesting its rays as a direct facet of some element whose origin is a replicating copy of something of God, and therefore touches on the eternal.

Eternal purpose. God breathed beings. Children, regardless of what your earth age is, who have been made for, and sent here, to shine light into dark places, to warm cold places and more.

What is Success?

Success is defined in many ways. It first of all assumes that a certain standard exists.

The dictionary tells us success is "the attainment or accomplishment of an aim or purpose".

The question is, 'What purpose? Whose purpose?

There are many definitions around you of what success looks like. There are, for example, the definitions imposed into the picture via family culture, there are definitions imposed via our racial culture, those imposed via the society we live within, our educational definitions, our national origins, political affiliations and the list goes on and on.

Each of the above entities has a definition of what success looks like within its cult (the basis of the word 'culture') and definitions ultimately are spiritual in nature, reflecting what is valued most highly, or we could say worshiped as the god of the cult.

When you integrate your life energies with the aims of the culture, the gods of the culture smile upon you and you may well rise as a star within it, becoming a beacon of its light, or it's darkness, all depending ultimately upon the spiritual impetus of good or evil, light and truth or lies, love or animosities of the cult-ure.

The Important Question.

The important question is, what is the word, rooted in God, that is the light that YOU are meant to walk in?

When you are self enculturated, when you understand the you of your eternal purpose and walk it that light, you become the greatest power of influence in the measure God has carved out for you in history. There is a place, there is a space, there is a you and there is high calling that you and only you are made to resonate together with God within the restrictions of...infinity.

I say the restrictions of infinity because at the God side of the equation, there is nothing that is impossible as life unfolds in harmonic union with the remainder of the universe.

Does God Care About Your Success?

Yes. God cares deeply about your success and makes eternal resources available to you and me for the achievement of the most complete and holistic version of our eternally rooted selves.

I refer you again to the words of Jeremiah the prophet;

"For I am fully cognizant of every one of the thoughts that I think toward you', declares the LORD (the Existence of all Existence), 'all of them being thoughts of peace, freedom from all conflict against you, prosperity, safety, health and contentment, and not of evil, to give you foundations of hope and eager expectations of reward" (Jer 29:11).

Zenith Kaleo simply means "the high calling." The Kaleo Method of Success is meant to work as a guide to unraveling the deeper mystery of you, to peel back the layers of cover so the individual can 'discover' and 'recover' their lost self.

What definition of success are you under?

Is it the high definition of you, one born from deep within your own spirit and the loving face of God?

Many people were far more in touch with their calling as a child, but the years and other influences have often caused layers and layers of confusion (translate that as 'layers and layers of distance or loss) as so many other voices have imposed another's definition of them.

How many incongruent cults have you adopted and en-cult-urated into?

What light is in you that may have been somehow been surreptitiously put under wraps?

And Jesus said, "No man, when he has lit a candle, covers it with a vessel, nor do they put it under a bed, but they set it on a candlestick, that everyone who enters that space may see the light" (Luke 8:16).

Next Blog: The Process of Peeling Back the Layers.

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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