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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Process of Peeling Back the Layers.

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

In yesterday's post we talked about the whole idea of success and how it is defined, learning that success is not a blanket concept, it is not what government deems as success, it is not what culture deems as success, it is not even what family might deem as success, but success for the individual is rooted in the individual's own created purpose.

The fact of being is the fact that a calling exists, a calling that embraces everything about the true you.

In other words, what defines your success is something that you were born with and is there, as a divine inheritance, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by you because in the divine calling rests literally everything you ever dreamed about the wonder of this life you've been given to enjoy.

We also learned that God Himself is dedicated to your success.

I'll repeat once again what Jeremiah the prophet wrote;

"For I am fully cognizant of every one of the thoughts that I think toward you', declares the LORD (He who is the Existence of all Existence), 'all of them being thoughts of peace, freedom from all conflict against you, prosperity, safety, health and contentment, and not of evil, to give you foundations of hope and eager expectations of reward" (Jeremiah 29:11).

God loves you and has carved out in creation a space that is uniquely yours.

Keep in mind, someone who loves you will always want you to find your calling and want for you the power to be the very best version of you that is possible and not just see you as someone to be used and exploited.

This is precisely what the Son of God teachings given and demonstrated by Jesus Christ are all about. They, and he, are all about your freedom from every disturbance or bond that would act as a restriction to your unique calling. The Jesus teachings are all about your empowerment as a man or woman. The Son of God teachings are all about your experience and free participation in the love God has infused into your creation.

Harmonizing with your unique calling is harmonizing with the powerful flow of creation and Creator Himself.

The Problem

The problem we face is that so many of us find ourselves in a state of discord with the supernatural flow of this love and find ourselves disjointed from the life stream established for us to walk in, disjointed from the love in that space that fits us like nothing else does, and therefore disjointed from the joy that is there.

This factor unleashes all kinds of maladies, not just in us but in society at large, and I venture to say the creation at large. In our discontent and desperation to find that 'missing piece', that intangible something that we are sure must be there somewhere, the further we are from its ordained flow of success and personal satisfaction (peace) the more desperate or disjointed our acts become as well as we live a life that doesn't fit.

Instead of being a creative force, producing abundance in the channel of our eternally rooted success metron, we continually experience a state of lostness resulting in deficit emotion and thought process and often we can't even put our finger on why this is.

Deep inside it just lays there, hungering for the thing only reconciliation to our eternal purpose will ever rectify.

The Layers

Who we truly are is often hidden beneath layers and layers of identities we have assumed or tried to assume along the way or ones that have been imposed upon us.

Someone said, "This is the picture of success!" and because we had no personal knowledge of our destiny we picked that ideal up, but it wasn't the true us.

Then someone else came along and said, "This is the picture of success!" and we picked that one up too.

So along the way 1,000 voices have said 10,000 things and we may have tried to pick them all up and yet none of those personages we assumed and have struggled to put on and wear were who we truly are according to the love God has prepared for us to know.

We are told in the Son of God teachings to, "Love your neighbor as yourself" and implied in that statement is a love we have for the person that we ourselves are, that there exists a deep respect for our own creation that has so enriched us that we are in possession of 'overflow' capability, creating so much from that station we have so much to give away.

The first exercises related to The Kaleo Method of Success are designed to peel back the layers.

How do you process what is there that is meant to stream to you from the love of God and how do you identify what all the worthless chaff is that you've picked up along the way? These are important processes, but we can be assured there are markers to the path.

Remember Jesus told his apprentices, "Unless you are converted (meaning 'to go back again') and become like little children..." (Matthew 18:3). These are interesting teachings. Let's take a minute and go back as the Son of God suggests and review.

There are markers.

The child, before the 10,000 impositions that came to tie him or her up...knew some very meaningful things.

A useful exercise in catching a glimpse of your calling is to segment out your life experience and thoughtfully review the past, going way back and finding some roots there, then thoughtfully reviewing the present with what you've gathered, then thoughtfully reviewing the future and action mapping according to what you have come to know.

When I say thoughtfully, I mean prayerfully and meditatively, opening things that may have been closed off for many, many years, sometimes buried by imposition, sometimes buried on purpose.

There are tools available for this process, but a person can do it themselves if they prefer.

I will warn you though, it can be a bit disconcerting as the probing goes deep.

In the Son of God teachings there is a thing called 'repentance from dead works' which encourages us to abandon those elements in life that just aren't working.

A 'dead work' holds no life for us in particular, so why do it? On the other hand, there are the powerful streams of life and things we can then take hold of more fully.

Part of the tragedy of life is that we become adapted to things that we think we are supposed to be adapted to for whatever reasons (usually social pressure), and we then prefer the comfort of the familiar even though it may fly in the face of our own created purpose and may even be detrimental to our own health, whether spiritually, perceptually and/or physically.

But in these things, the love God has for you, as you listen, will elevate you in all areas of your person. It is well worth the investment regardless of your current place in life because this we know, that the gifts and callings of God are not fickle, they do not change and God has put in place eternally true things regarding you. It doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done or how old you are, the Father is always ready to welcome you home again.

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Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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