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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Having Another Mind

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The mind is an extremely powerful instrument of life...or death. How we have come to perceive certain things will shade what I would call our 'allow' and 'disallow' mechanism.

What I mean is, depending on what we have come to accept as true (whether it is true or not), becomes the control factor for the reality we allow ourselves to either accept and therefore experience, or reject from our measure of life and therefore entirely miss out on experiencing.

In the process of our eternal and divine calling, the 'kaleo' we have been discussing that comes prepackaged in the life of every person created by God (if you have the breath of life in you, this means you), this same factor holds true.

Because of perception, you will either receive the gift of God so perfectly suited to you, or you will reject the gift of God so perfectly suited to you.

Having coached athletes for years, what you do not believe is possible for you is not possible for you. However, when suddenly you can see a new version of your own possibility, that possibility becomes possible for you and adjustments will begin to be made to the new resident belief.

On a larger and more important scale, your congruence with life, complete with its harmony, its joys, it holistic flow, or, your incongruence with the divine flow resulting in what feels like a constant bucking against the grain, will be the direct result on various levels of the person lacking in the perception of their own divine destiny and created purpose.

Because we are talking about 'calling' and the deep significance of mankind and the place God has established in the order for humankind to fit, when you breach into the supernatural, knowing that mankind in the image and likeness of God is meant to function as the mediator between spirit and matter, between heaven and earth, you realize there are reasons why certain dark spiritual elements want to see the splendor of God in you suppressed as far and as deeply as possible.

Why? Because you, functioning in harmonic union with the eternal purpose of God marked out for your joy, are a threat to elemental spiritual forces who have controlled, and do not want to relinquish control, of certain elements of creation.

You can get a much fuller explanation of that discussing in my book 'The Revolution Is ON!'

Whenever the topic of 'sin' comes up, the thing to realize is sin ultimately is a mental disease. The raw definition of sin is 'to miss the mark, to step outside of fortune to misfortune, to no longer participate and share in the inheritance provided."

When we go back to Eden and examine the life of Adam and Eve, we realize after they gave themselves over to trust in 'another voice' of persuasion other than God and found themselves in a state of disconnect it was their perception that had changed as they realized they had become less than who they were created to be.

Instead of being over creature they were now under creature. But did you ever notice there was nothing in God that had changed?

God still showed up just like God always showed up. What had changed, however, was something inside of them.

It was they who experienced a disconnect from God, not God from them. The reason they were then sent from the Garden of Eden was so they didn't subsequently eat of the Tree of Life and be stuck forever in a state of disconnection from eternal purpose as had been laid out for them in their prior commission and grant of dominion.

It was God's continuing love that saved them from that possibility...and saved us too.

In the coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and revelation of mankind in unified state once again with God, we begin to clearly see ourselves and our human significance once again within the order.

As promised to Adam and Eve, God has come in His love to rectify the situation, bringing healing to our understanding, overthrowing the sense of disconnect and filling us instead with the awe of full and loving connection with God dimensional love that knows no concept of disconnect.

As we come to the New Covenant (the new agreement) established by Jesus between God and mankind, the operational power word that keeps cropping up in all of the communications is the Greek word 'agape' which is translated into our English word 'love'.

The English seems to offer an inadequate picture of what that means.

Correctly rendered, the word 'agape' literally means 'no gap'.

The Son of God instructions, or should we say their joy filling declaration is that there is no longer any gap between us and God because every reason why there might be a gap God has entirely erased and that having been done so by His own gracious nature and not because we somehow did everything right and earned our union with His love.

This message of such incredible news becomes the seed that begins to heal our disease.

However, if you do not believe it to be true then you automatically close the door of your own possibilities within that metric.

How often did Jesus infer to people that their 'faith' had saved them from a particular set of circumstances? Faith is rooted in the knowledge of God's love for you.

What if you changed your mind?

For someone looking for recovery, to unite with God in the infinity of their own eternal purpose in the cosmos, one of the very first admonitions from the teachings of Jesus is the call to undergo a radical change of mind.

This is the actual meaning of the word 'repent'. It means 'to have another mind' because the one you've been working with is full of ideas and perceptions that themselves are discordant with the love of God towards you.

Paul the apostle spoke of it this way;

"Do not be conformed to the lower level of this world (it's ways, it's systems, it's dissociation from divine inheritance) but instead, be transformed by the renewing of your mind' (Romans 12:2).

The exercises employed in The Kaleo Method of Success are geared towards opening up the channels of discovery.

What would life look like to you in a world in which God level love was the constant perception you lived with from day to day?

What would life look like if there were 'no gaps' whatsoever between God and you and the space you have been given as gift to inhabit?

These are big questions.

How radically would you have to alter the mental framework you are working with today?

Be honest.

Next Blog: Creative Alignment - (When your perceptions and God's perceptions match.)

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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