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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Creative Alignment

In the 'calling' of the individual lay an element of infinity for the calling itself, the 'kaleo', the God breathed word that has released into the cosmos the person's very essential being, at its root carries within it the very image and likeness of God.

Something of God, the God seed if you will, is integral to the incarnation of every person.

Respect for life, your own life and then the lives of every other person comes with the territory.

To respect the grace of God in you is to rightly honor the One who created you. To respect the grace of God in others near you is to also rightly honor the One who created both you and them.


Mission, your own mission and then if you have opportunity to help another, which it seems also to be written into the divine code that you will have that opportunity, is the unveiling and the crafting of your eternal purpose and the liberation of others into the full flourishing of thiers.

In this way, each of us contributes to each others lives and to the earth and greater cosmos at large with a supply of living power whose origin knows no bounds or limits.

The identity of God is not hidden, though the minds of men can become obscured to it.

God is Life. God is the compass of Truth. God is the positivity of Hope. God is Peace. God is Joy. God is the expression of Mercy. God is Light. God is Patience. God is Good. God is Efficient. God is Eternal. God is the all provisional Source.

And, maybe the one 'God Is' that covers as a blanket all of the 'God Ism's' that we could come up with is this - that God is Love.

Love, it is that word we briefly discussed in yesterday's blog, that word in the Greek being 'agape' which paints for us the pictograph of 'no gap'.

It is unification with you and I that God most deeply desires, that we as sons and daughters of the very Existence of all Existence (God), the infinite power of all power (God), the love that is so loving it seems incomprehensible and entirely dumbfounding to us (God), that we become the expressions of this Father of ours into the measure uniquely set apart for us as one, single individual person in a world of persons, us, with a measured place large or small into which we are authorized to shine as a light the infinite image and likeness of our Father.

This is the 'kaleo' or the 'call'.

How far can you go before infinity runs out?

It's not for you to worry about what someone else is supposed to do, unless there is a way for you to help them engage their transcendent freedom, but it is for you to fully explore and fully engage who, within the eternal streams of that life, you are so fittingly made to be.

Within the seed ordained lay infinity. Your infinity. Your infinite and boundless freedom. Your infinite and boundless power. Your infinite and boundless love - flowing to you and flowing through you all within a measure made with you in mind.

Creative Alignment

How creative is God? What are the possibilities that lay within the very power of eternal Life itself?

Look around you. Look at it all. Look at the heavens. Look at the earth. Look at the plants. Look at the animals. Look into the eyes of an infant. Look at yourself in the mirror. Who does this kind of thing? What magnificence has formed the channels by which all these things form and keep on forming again and again?

The infusion of God into the human vessel creates creators.

Within the measure of your own creation is a person who is created to create and the things that are created by the power of your creating capacity will bear the marks of the Creator's own essence.

Like Father - like son. Like Father - like daughter.

When we are in tune with eternal purpose the possibilities are limitless.

Our part is to listen and to hear the voice of who we are.

We are to listen and hear the 'kaleo' sounding to us from within the image and likeness of God and then follow the call to the highest heights of our boundless excellence.

What beauty have you been given to create?

What revelation of God, what pictographic slice of eternity is your portion to reveal?

Creation is meant to flow through you in a blessing and enrichment of the earth and the people of the earth that no one else has been chosen to uniquely reveal.

They have their part, and let's hope they listen, and you have your part. Are you hearing?

Your calling is just that beautiful.

The Kaleo Method of Success is certainly not the be all and end all of processes available, but it is a nudge in the right direction for anyone searching.

My calling is to help you through the passageway to your calling.

Next Blog: Digging Deep

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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