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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Identifying Your 'Markers'

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

The Son of God teachings delivered us by Jesus Christ delve repeatedly into the idea of 'markers' that are meant as guiding elements in the life of the individual person. One may be 'on the mark' or 'off the mark'.

We touched on this briefly when discussing the statements the Savior Jesus made in reference to children and our need to go backwards in time and do a refresher course on who it is we once were.

Is it possible to find lost things?

Jesus made this statement regarding children when his disciples (I prefer to call them 'apprentices') brought up the question, "Which of them was going to be the most successful?" Of course, in our translations we use the phrase, 'which one was going to be the greatest' but the thought is still the same.

We very often have trouble, in my opinion, with reading scripture as it has been handed to us because of the archaic nature of words that no longer create the proper pictographs in our imaginations. Language is about pictures.

All words are in essence pictures or used to communicate pictures from one place to another place. The human brain is a fantastic image storage factory. I say cow and you picture a cow. I say camel and you picture a camel. I say zebra and you picture a zebra.

However, if I say 'righteousness', what do you immediately picture? If I say 'sin', what do you picture? Most people do not have any clear images to match these words. If there are no images there is no processing.

Of course the same could be true if I come and ask you, "What is the divine calling in your life?"

Divine calling?

Yes, divine calling.

What were you created to do that is so incredibly you and so incredibly entwined with creation itself that you ultimately win every time you enter that space and touch that magic?

What has God empowered you to be and do for the health of the world you live in that no one else can be and do as wonderfully as you?

Divine calling. Try this definition: An evidential demonstration of an element of God's love, extending from Creator to you and then through you, thus replicating itself into creation, leaving its residue of Divine life and love in every space you touch.

Life Has A Way

Life has a way of sneaking up on you and I and moving us off of the mark God has created for us. The mark is that place we can occupy that is completely congruent with the love of God over our lives.

But through a variety of distractions and shiny, alluring things, through other voices demanding our attention like some spoiled child, we can be so often moved away from purpose and miss the mark for our lives.

In missing the mark we miss the much more full experience of the love from God that goes with it. I don't mean that somehow God loves us any less because that would be completely untrue. What I am saying is all the inheritance already provisioned us within the created purpose is over there, in that space and place of ours.

To say it once again, there is 'accord' and there is 'discord'.

In the space created for us there is peace and joy and rest.

Jesus explained it this way;

"Come to me every one of you who are laboring and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, teaming up together with me and learn from me for I am a kind and careful teacher whose heart is to completely support your success, and you will find rest you've been seeking for your souls.

For the yoke I share is easy, it is useful and it is manageable by you, and my burden is light, making things uncomplicated and effortless., leaving you quick and agile like a youth again". (Matthew 11:29-30)

Who couldn't use more of that, right?

Who couldn't use a life that is unburdened and a life that flows and opens up before you with each measured step you take?

In the calling is the flow you are looking for. It is where you and the immensity of the universe (i.e. - the presence of God) are acting in concert and what a concert it is designed to be.

It doesn't mean distractions and shiny things won't come and continue to try moving you off the mark, but it does mean now you know what the mark is, and why you can afford to pay no attention to those other things, giving them power to manage you instead of what is truly important, and works.

In the calling, the 'kaleo' ordained for you by the Creator of creation, there is freedom and because it is rooted in God, your exploration of it can be as infinite as God is.

In a way, The Kaleo Method of Success is a streamlining process.

It reduces the drag against your efficiency which is very much in line with my own purpose as a coach (I call it a 'Futuristic Foundationalist') and people helper.

So many of us keep dragging around things that we are not even aware that we are dragging around which leads to a whole lot of weight that we don't need and were not made to carry.

The goal is the unburdening of the person.

The ancient writings of scripture expressed the work this way;

"...the whole body, in unified synthesis with the word spoken (the call), will coalesce in full supply through all of its connecting points in the efficient and effective working in the metron of every portion, which will cause increase of the system (the body), building itself up continually in ever increasing expressions of love.' (Ephesians 4:16)

In the search for key markers, utilizing the tools developed under The Kaleo Method, it is recommended you break down your life into 4 year segments beginning with year zero, which no one really seems to remember, though from there it can be rather remarkable what some people do remember. Grab a sheet of paper and start.

The markers, when the right approach is used and questions asked, begin to appear. What parts of those 4 segments do you remember as positive, exhilarating experiences, uplifting and empowering to you? What parts were negative and draining during that time, even oppressive? There are markers in those moments.

The exercise in itself requires people to slow down and to look at those positives and negatives.

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Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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