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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Forgiveness - Cleansing The Earth

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

One day I was reading in the pages of ancient mysteries the record of Noah. As I read, something new began to dawn on me, like a ray of light shining that I had never noticed before, but because there is timing of things that come to us from God, the time was right for me to see something beautiful and something new.

I read these words;

"And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." (Genesis 6:5)


Suddenly it was like a corridor opened up and I saw from the days of Noah all the way back into Eden and the power in the earth God gave to humankind.

Of course, what happened next in record of the earth and mankind was the flood, bringing an end to an order and the start of a new era with Noah, whose name means 'rest' and of whom it is declared that he had discovered or 'found grace' in the eyes of the Lord.

As I stared down the corridor of light, pondering what I was seeing, certain instructive words came to me saying, "As goes the heart of man, so goes the earth."

These words are true words. Suddenly it was like I could shout,"Bingo!"

God has given the earth (however far and wide that concept may reach) to mankind and said, "Let them have dominion..." (see Genesis 1:26).

We cannot escape the fact that we as humans are living in an interactive atmosphere. We are even told that within the system as it is, the very words that we speak into this atmosphere contain within them the power of life and death as Proverbs, the book of Wisdom teaches us.

Listen to what is said about words we speak;

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." (Proverbs 18:21)

"If any man does not cause misery, troubling and system failures by means of the words he speaks, the same is a man who knows what wholeness is, and is able also to bridle and direct the whole body. Observe if you will, how we put bits in the horses' mouths, that they may follow our instructions and by this we have the power to turn about their whole body.

Observe also the ships, which though their mass is so great, and they are driven by fierce winds, yet they are turned about with a very small helm in whatever direction the governor's impulse and instinct directs his thoughts. In this exact same way the tongue, though it is just a little member, holds within it the power to boast great things.

Observe again how great a matter even just a little fire can kindle!

And the tongue is a fire, an entire world of misalignments, and so is the tongue among our members, that it holds within it the power to defile the whole larger body, and set to flames the very course of nature when it is set on fire by the destructive elements of hell.

For every kind of beast, and of bird, and of serpent, and things in the sea, is tamed, and has been tamed of mankind, but the tongue no mere man has the power to tame, for; it is an unruly evil when unguided and unrestrained, being full of deadly poison.

With the tongue we bless, thank and rejoice before God, even the Father (the Cause and Origin of all good and the very Existence of all Existence); and with the exact same tongue we spew curses against men, which are made after the similitude of God.

Out of the exact same mouth proceeds blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things should not be so. Does a fountain send forth at the same place both sweet water and bitter water? Can the fig tree, my brothers, bear olive berries or can a vine bear figs? Even so, no fountain flows with both brackish, undrinkable salt water as well as fresh water.

Who really is a wise man and endued with the powers of real knowledge among you? Let that man demonstrate to all, out of the good, excellent, magnificent and beauty filled way in which he moves and and flows and turns himself this way and that way among us by his conversation in congruence with the energies working within him, with calm demeanor of nobility and compassion that accompanies the deepest of all wisdom.

But if you instead echo the acrid, bitter cutting, stabbing and spearing of others, seeking to create difficulty, damage and harm because of contentious rivalry, envy and strife and inflamed desires by which you hope to gain a following and power over and above others in your hearts, you are erroneously boasting and promoting your own interest, and promoting a lie against the truth.

This kind of wisdom is not descending to you from above, but it is of the low and earthly, it is beast like in its very nature and it is inspired and animated from devilish spirits who thrive on trouble and chaos." (James 3:2-15)

Remember as we have been discussing the powerful force of forgiveness, that at its heart it means to lift up and to lift off, to take and carry away, to sweep something away and out, to be (as a person) lifted up and raised, to be supported, sustained, carried and exalted and is rooted in the very nature of God and the very flow of life within the creation.

God lifts the created and the creation. He carries it, sustains it and supports it, as is His nature.

This means you. This means me. This means our neighbors. The wonder of the sun rises on both those who are adjusted to the Spirit of God as well as to those who are not, and He gives to us all another day, giving to us all another chance to know.

I started by telling you about the days of Noah and attempted to explain how mankind, male and female in such wonderful bodily forms, have been given dominion over the earth arena and how the atmosphere we find ourselves in is not a dormant, static, non-attentive place, but to the contrary is quite alive, responsive and it is VERY tuned into humankind.

The elements of creation are listening to you speak.

You and I, we are the leaders here in the midst of this earth arena creation substance stuff.

The Days of Noah

But in the days of Noah, the imagination of man as it is stated in the ancient manuscripts, was fixated on only trouble and only evil continually both day and night (see again Genesis 6:5).

I have a question for you. Did God cause the flood that overthrew the then known world or did creation merely give to mankind what the inviolate law of sowing and reaping required?

Did the continual projection of that which was evil from within mankind simply create, like a mirror effect reflecting back again the image presented it, simply fulfilling the request it was being given, because mankind was given dominion over it?

Were the words coming out from the trouble infused imaginations active within the heart of the predominant population of mankind, a self fulfilling prophecy, spoken into the interactive atmosphere?

Things to ponder, right? I know what I have come to believe.

Stop. Look at the earth today.

I can tell you with 100% accuracy, as goes the heart of man in each place, in each nation, in each geopolitical region (State or Province), in each city, in each neighborhood, in each home, in each person, so goes the earth in that place.

Can the power of forgiveness as taught by Jesus Christ in the Son of God instructions heal our planet and usher in the most amazing days the earth has ever known?

Can the earth alter its state in any place by means of lifting, forgiving, healing, love born words and deeds, versus condemning words, divisive words and hate filled bitter words?

Can a reversal of the polarity within the hearts of men and women, having the spirits of bitterness, hate, envy, cursing one another, desiring to possess others and use them for self serving means, be exorcised from earth?

I have just explained to you in very real terms the mission of the sons and daughters of God, being those who have aligned their own hearts with the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world and the manifestation of us all as we are meant to be.

The curses of the earth are cleansed away by the power of forgiveness, the lifting of curses, condemnation, imposed burdens against the lives of other persons.

Do you remember who you were before the first curse, the first negative and pull against your life was ever placed into your psychic makeup?

This is the journey The Kaleo Method of Success is primed to take you on.

Who were you before the curse?

Can we lift it off of you? Can you know the power of the lifting, the forgiveness, and can you become a force if its power within the measure of your divine 'Kaleo'?

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Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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