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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Identifying God's Grace

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The word 'grace' is an interesting word. In the mysterious writings of scripture, the first time we encounter the idea of grace is with the man Noah whom we mentioned a couple of posts back when we were talking about imagination and the creative power of words.

During Noah's time it is explained to us that from the time of Adam to this point, there was a growing mental disease that had taken over the imaginations (the image factory) within nearly all of humanity, and this mental pictography became fixated entirely on only evil continually.

Here is the verse;

"And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." (Genesis 6:5 KJV)

Only evil. Continually. Only. Exclusively. Continually. Bob Dylan wrote a song about 'Trouble...nothing but trouble' that can explain the infected mind of trouble. You can listen to it here if you like: https://vimeo.com/77350806

Mankind, in the clear forms of male embodiments and female embodiments for wonderfully designed purposes, having been given by the kindness and purpose of God dominion over the earth, meaning, they held and continue to hold a global (at least) power of resonance, projection and influence into this broad spectral realm called 'earth'.

But in Noah's day, the resonance in humankind had progressively devolved in their mental projections, born of the bad images being incubated within their imaginations, to a state where their minds were fixated exclusively on only negatives, only troubles, only distress, only evil, and those imaginations streamed in a never ending continuity.

This and other verses throughout the writings are why I often make the statement, "As goes the heart of man, so goes the earth."

But in the middle of everyone's projections into the earth, Noah finds something everyone else had missed. Noah found something in the eyes of God and that discovery saved his life and set him apart from every other person.

Noah 'found', which means he 'detected', grace which is defined in Hebrew as 'elegance, favor, acceptance, charm, beauty, kindness, good will, pleasantness, compassion and mercy' and he found it in the place that matters most, the highest place and most powerful place, the place that is the very heart, core and axis of all creation, the Existence of all Existence (the 'I AM') being God.

Noah's image factory was radically different than everyone else. Because of what Noah detected in the height of the Power of all Power, he was of a different resonance, different from the mass, different from the crowd, sending out into the cosmos an entirely different set of signals and though the mass of humanity received back, according to their own imaginative born sowing into the place of their domain, so too did Noah receive accordingly.

They became caught up in the vortex of destruction. Noah lived and inherited the earth.

The image factory within Noah in his revelation from God about God was also working a work and the signals with which Noah resonated opened him to understand things no one else could understand, opening him to a vision of the future and divinely inspired solutions that ultimately saved humankind and the creatures from total annihilation.

Thank you Noah. Thank you God.

God in the mysterious writings has painted a picture for us, incorporating in it the power of humankind in the earth and the power of our resonance with the proper image of Himself.

What do you see as you look into the eyes of God? What kind of image does your mind detect and what kind of image does your mind then project?

When we come into the New Arrangement or Covenant established by Jesus Christ we're not often dealing with Hebrew words any more though those words extend into the later words but with what, historically at the time was the globally, more expansive Greek language, we most often now try to understand the ancient writings. The word translated as 'grace' is the Greek word 'charis' and I want you to think about that word and how it sounds, with the 'ch' being pronounced with more of a hard 'c' sound. Close your eyes and repeat it several times.

'Charis' is chosen because it too means 'sweetness, charm, loving-kindness, loveliness, delight, good will, joy, bounty, favor, pleasure, acceptance, to be glad, wellness, to thrive and receive reward'.

The English word caress and the related word cherish stem from the Greek 'charis' and is appropriate, as the grace of God upon you is the caress of God's loving hand in your life, letting you and I know how deeply He cherishes us.

When we are talking about eternal purpose and discovering the who and why and what of your own unique design, we are talking about those elements in your life where the caress of God which appears as His favor, sweetness, loving-kindness, reward, thriving, joys and delights most powerfully and deeply touch your life.

In The Kaleo Method of Success, one segment involves deep examinations, breaking the clients life into three year segments going all the way back to the beginning so we can, in those segments from zero to present, discover 'grace' points where the person has felt the most loved, rewarded, joy filling experiences and flourishing. You can do this exercise on your own. I think you will find it rewarding.

The positives are clues to calling while the negatives are not clues to calling, though overcoming a negative and triumphing over it can itself be a clue.

This is one way to highlight the caress of God on a larger scale of the person's life.

It is In those moments of 'charis' that you may have crossed eternal purpose and not even have known that you did.

It's better to know.

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Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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