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ZENITH KALEO - Divine Calling: Calling and Excellence

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

As I look around me at our world I am often struck by the fact that God does not do things half-hearted or half way. Living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, if I look to the west over Puget Sound I see the majestic Olympic Mountain Range. If I turn to the east I see the Cascade Mountain Range.

Looking north I see Mount Baker looming like a northern giant. When I turn to the south I see Mount Rainier, the grand daddy of all the mountains in our region. They all rise majestic. They all rise beautiful.

The seas are teeming with fish and I can't even tell you all the kinds there are so many, and they just keep coming. The forests and fields are alive with animals and birds of all types and they too just keep on coming with some miracle of perpetuity within them.

There are plants and flowers and trees, all in a state of constant reproduction.

If the balance of the earth requires a desert in a certain place, then by God we're going to have the biggest and the best desert imaginable, full of it's own strange forms of life and beauty.

There is an old saying that goes, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well", and in the estate of God and the flow of the power of life emerging from the foundation that He is, this is most certainly true.

Look at the stars tonight and tell me if it isn't so. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

A craftsman God is and a Master Craftsman at that. We realize it is far more important with God that things are well done so they last aeons and aeons of time if not forever, than it is they are quickly done but shabbily so.

However, the instantaneous miracle is also not off the board, if an act of love is in order. As we watch we see that love can be instantaneous or love can be a long term process. taking time to unfold its wonders.

The life of Jesus, who is the demonstrable embodiment of God within man, is an observable life of him walking and moving and speaking among us while making adjustments to small imperfections that have marred the creation of God within mostly human lives, where the marring seems to most often take its deepest hold.

Jesus comes proclaiming to us, "I am the Son of God. But, I am making it so you too can be the sons and daughters of God just like me, so you too can embody the Spirit (the very animating power of God) just like I embody the Spirit. I am come that the old things, the marred things in your life can pass away from you forever, and so all things can become new and flow to you, and into you, and then through you into your surroundings directly from God, the very Power and Beginning of all life and creation."

Freedom. Healing. Adjustments. Wholeness of spirit, of soul and body. Empowerment with no limit in sight, as vast as God is. And love...because the ultimate empowerment and flow of eternal life is love just as God, revealed within the whole of creation is love, and whoever loves we are told, is a sign that they are born of God, love being evidence that we really are getting to know Him.

Calling and Excellence

I started to say, the thing that God has created you and I for is excellence.

Our focus under the canopy of The Kaleo Method of Success is three fold. The first level is examination, discovery and enhancement of each one's divinely created purpose or 'calling'. The second level is clarifying what that vision or calling looks like in real terms and what this means in the present as the flow of one's calling works into their every day expressions. The third deals with where that calling and vision are taking you and how you can develop a life or action plan to facilitate your growth in that direction.

What is it that has been forever true of you since you were formed in the mind of God? What is now true of you in comparative analysis with your discovery of eternal purpose? What is becoming true of you as you move about in a state of your divine fulfillment?

Knowing God in your life is not primarily a corporate experience relative to your association with any group, but it is first and foremost an individual experience realized in the nakedness of being in relation to you and God with nothing covered, nothing hidden.

You may find that certain associations with others either give outlet to, or enhance the divine calling (the 'Kaleo') imparted to you, but life in your own ordained excellence is a challenge entirely within the powerful flow that can be known ultimately between God and you, one on one, His face and your face in face to face union.

Excellence means: The quality of being outstanding, brilliance, the highest degree or caliber, skilled, accomplished, mastery, of the highest value or quality.

The highest, as in 'anything worth doing is worth doing well.'

The first question here on a personal level of course, in light of your God created calling and unique joy creating passions, is this thing (whatever is in front of you) worth doing?

Then we face the second question. Will we engage and do it well with excellence or mediocrity?

As my friend Steve Garrett points out, the word 'mediocre' is a compound word combining 'medius' which means 'medium, or half way' and the word 'ocris' which means 'the mountain.' In other words, there is a mountain and it has a peak, a highest height and the mountain has your name on it, but will you only go half way, will you only be mediocre, or will you go all the way?

The ancients had deep respect for mountains. There was always something to be experienced at 'the peak' of the mountain, there at the apex of its trajectory, that is not there at the halfway point.

Are You An Artist?

Yes, but what happens with the artistic gift in you is up to you. The call of God upon you is a call to rise to the most incredible version of you that is infinitely possible. It is a call to elevate you into a state of unmatched excellence, incomparable to anything or anyone else. It is a call to fill a space with the magnificence of an essence of God as a reflection of His own image and likeness so one has to wonder at the remarkable resemblance between Father (God) and son or daughter (you).

One of the Greek words in the New Testament that speaks to this call to excellence is translated as 'virtue' but the Greek word is 'arete' which is where the English word 'art' comes from and means anything of excellence in a person in way of endowment, property or quality and is used four times in the apostles writings;

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any excellence (arete'), and if there is anything commendable, then set your thoughts on these things." (Philippians 4:8 )

"But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should shew forth the excellence (arete') of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light:" (1Peter 2:9)

"According as His divine power has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory (brilliance) and excellence (arete')." (2nd Peter 1:3)

"And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith excellence (arete'); and to excellence (arete'), knowledge;" (2nd Peter 1:3, 5)

The call of God upon your life holds within it the power of excellence. Understanding it affords you the luxury of focus in which, together with the Holy Spirit as your guide and your teacher, the call holds all the potential of becoming an art form unique to you and you only in the cosmos.

Don't stop. Rise to the height of excellence that is your inheritance.

Note: this concludes this series. Further help can be found through the link below.

Rand - Growth Facilitator and Founder of Zenith Kaleo


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