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So - What About God? So - What About Healing?

Prominent throughout all historic interactions with the supernatural, particularly with the Infinite and Most High God, are countless stories of human bodies being healed as a result of such interactions. The healing overflow has been so incredible that stories have come down through history and continue today regarding people (and animals as well) that have literally been healed and/or raised from the dead, the power of life within God being so overwhelmingly prominent in certain situations. With this as the backdrop, it seems good to me that we take a look at the basis or foundation of divine healing in hopes of uncovering some of the why, the wherefore, the cause and the effects of these God level interactions that infuse powerful waves of life into the bodies of persons caught up in these ‘beyond the material world’ experiences.

The question is then, “Where to begin?” The best answer I have is, at the beginning of course. But then, where is the beginning? The answer to that question becomes a bit easier as the ancient, mystical writings of scripture point us directly to one location and that takes us to The Book of Genesis (genesis literally meaning, ‘the start, the beginning, the origin, the birth’) where we find this statement as the first in all the crucial statements of scripture:

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth…” (Genesis 1:1).

Let’s get that clear if we can. In the beginning - God. It doesn’t get any more original or beginning and birthing point than this. In the beginning - God. It is God, the Source and the stream of all life and all creation. All that exists begins within and flows out from God.

But there are certain things we need to know about God that are shown to us in the subtleties of His name as He delicately opens to us the meaning of His name and its various nuances. The first important slice of His name is the word ‘God’ itself. What does it mean? What is the picture we can hold on to that is contained in the word God?

We tend to use the word God so generically, without giving thought to the pictograph that accompanies the word, so let’s see if we can break this down a bit and get to know God better and maybe more intimately.

The word God in the ancient languages is a compound word, meaning it is made up of two or more parts, and this is for good reason. The reason is the pictograph that is to be imparted to us. The complete word used is ‘Elohiym’ but the compound parts are two, the first being ‘El’ and the second part being ‘Haim’. It may not mean much to you right now but let’s boil it down a bit more and reduce it to a further minimum.


The meaning of ‘El’ is a fascinating part of the title God. It means, ‘power, power of, or the power of’, and so we have our first part of the pictograph. The pictograph is meant to be a placeholder in our imagination that we can return to again and again for clarity with regard to what it is we are talking about. All words are that way in fact. Words convey pictures to the listeners imagination.


The word Haim takes on quite a number of forms, all of them related and all of them having roots meaning the same thing. Here are most if not all of the variations:

Haim, Hayim, Hayyim, Hayyah, Hayah, Chayim, Chayyim, Chaim, Chaya and Chai.

These variations crop up in a vast number of places in the writings, many of them woven into other revelations of the sacred name of God. So now, what does all of this mean and how are we to relate to these variations? Amazingly, the core fractal at the centerpiece of this is the most powerful word we can know about God and the most powerful pictograph we can hold in our imaginations for the words we are observing mean ‘life’.

According to tradition, the word Hayim when infused into the imagination of the person, is said to help the person stay healthy. Within the Hebrew culture when people get together for celebrations, for weddings or for various feasts and the like, there is an affirming toast they offer to one another called the ‘L Chaim’ meaning ‘to life’.


In the compound word ‘Elohiym’ there is a deep message we are being welcomed to receive. The image to be impressed on your mind and my mind in pictorial graphic is this, that God is the Power (the ‘El’) of Life (the Chiam). Fix this in your mind. The Power, not

just a power, but The Power, the power above all power, the originating power, beginning power, source power is God who is the very essence and beginning of life itself. But as we adjust our eyes to see this unfolding of God, we find ourselves swimming in the supernatural and divine pool relative to health and healing.

God is the Power of Life. He is not the power of death. He is not the power of destruction, He is not the power of pain, of suffering, of debilitation or decay. God is the Power of Life and life alone. Whenever you or I encounter God, there is a God effect, and just like we read about in the rest of Genesis chapter one, we see His presence and power causes life to be created and emerge in unstoppable measures. This is our beginning. This is the first revelation of God we must hold in our imaginations if we are to relate to the cosmos He has created for us to live together with Him in. His Power of Life is the first level of our divine inheritance.