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It May Have Been Grandma!

My Grandmother was an incredibly creative person. She was a well known Milliner (hat-maker) in the Seattle area and made some of the most exquisite hats often with Quail, Pheasant and Peacock feather accents. Along with that, dressmaking as a well known seamstress, plus innovative and crafty items, she was also a horticulturalist and part of the Seattle Arboretum's movers and shakers of the day, even known for creating a new kind of Fuchsia as part of the Northwest Fuchsia Society. 

My parents were singers, and my father was a genius inventor with a major Northwest corporation but they certainly were not known for any drawing or painting capabilities.


So, I don't know exactly where it came from but early in life I developed a fascination for art. I would spend long hours tracing epic battle scenes I saw in paintings displayed in National Geographic Magazine.


Then, it came to me one day almost like a spiritual revelation...that I didn't have to trace...I could just look and then draw.


I became an artist. A drawer, an illustrator, a painter, a sculptor, a designer of 'things'. When it's in you...it never leaves you, it's just waiting on your attention.


After a long period of time (the 'ministry years') not fully utilizing my artistic gifts other than creative pictures with words in peoples hearts, I have returned home...like coming back to the beginning.

While wondering one day what I was really all about, I read a scripture that said, "Let every man abide in the same calling in which he was called. When you were called were you a ( fill in the blank with yours)? Don't be filled with any anxiety over it, but if the door opens to something even greater, even freer, then of course, utilize it!...But, brothers, let every man wherein he was called, continue to abide therein with God." (1st Corinthians 7:20-21 & 24).

It flashed on me! When the Son of God came to me to expand my life, I was a young artist. Now...I am an older artist. But what has never changed, because it wasn't meant to change, is my passion to do in our world the work of an artist.

There. Now you are up to date with that part of my journey.

Enjoy. Buy. Support your favorite artist...whoever they may be. I certainly hope it can be me.

Some Sample Works Below: