What I've Learned

Through a 40 + year journey involving church planting, traveling across the globe  teaching, training, educating, working in prophetic meetings, liberating human lives, fighting epic battles, expending myself, crashing, burning, losing everything I thought was relevant, and then being resurrected by the sovereign hand of God's own grace, I finally realized, "Wait a minute! Jesus wasn't exactly where they said he was. He wasn't inside those confining boxes they built for him after all!"


It turns out Jesus, the Son of God, was outside of the boxes we try to catch him in. Yup! The Son of God is far too savvy to settle for confinement. Now, if you remember, he's the guy who busted out of the confinement of the tomb experience.


Just when you think you've trapped the Son of God, he steps outside the boxes of religion and you find him hanging with the people. Real people. People who sometimes are quite disjointed, some of them are upside down, yet they are loved by God.

Jesus isn't in the boxes. Where you will find him is outside, down by the lake or river, in the marketplace and in the streets.

No more boxes please. 
It's a Revolution!
Join it.
Street Jesus Video Tutorials
Street Jesus Publications
Street Jesus
"What are you?"

Get answers to your questions in this short video. Learn about the purpose of Street Jesus.


Narrated by Rand Swift

The Street Jesus Interviews
Parts 1-4

A four part series of short interviews that delve into the Street Jesus phenomenon. 


Narrated by Rand Swift

SJ Interview 01
SJ Interview 02

The power of people in harmonic resonance with God.

Narrated by Rand Swift

SJ Interview 03
SJ Interview 04

What is the new model? What is changing? What is it changing to?

Narrated by Rand Swift

The Jesus Revolution Is ON!

Spiritual warfare involves the mission of transforming entire geographies by means of supernatural powers.

The Revolution that Jesus the Son of God started is very much alive!

If given the chance...would you be daring enough to join it?


by Rand Swift

Cathedralism??? What is that? Where did it come from? How do we escape? 

Narrated by Rand Swift

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