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Book: The Revolution Is ON!

A Modern day Primer on Global Exorcism 

It is far beyond the scope of visibility...

We are right now, even as you read this, in the midst of a Revolution few people understand. Why is that? It is because the Revolution we are speaking of is not only very real, but it is happening at a level entirely outside the arena that is visible to the naked human eye and the stakes are far higher than you can imagine. It is Spirit to spirit warfare.

In this book - The Revolution Is ON! - author and spiritual Freedom Fighter Rand Swift takes us beyond the veil, allowing us to peek into the arena of the supernatural. Though not meant to function as a 'be all and end all' on the topic of exorcism, it is very purposefully meant to serve the spiritually minded as a Primer on the eternal purpose of Christ in the life of every believer and to set a foundation for the mission of global exorcism of evil from the earth.

Swift has been taught that virtually "Everything in life is spirit" and "Nothing is what it appears to be on the surface". It is from this beginning that our real illumination begins as the sons and daughters of God, being those invited by divine calling and right of union with Jesus Christ to bring transformation to our various spheres of influence, that Swift refers to as our "metron", by our God authorized application of very high and supernatural powers.

Based initially on a vision which began in his early life with Jesus, then researched and backed up by the incredible writings of scripture over years of subsequent research, Swift now shares with us in the pages of 'The Revolution Is On!' the ancient purpose of humankind stemming all the way back to Adam and now moving forward since the great reconciling of eternal purpose by Jesus at the cross. The high mission of mankind ultimately involves the total exorcism of evil and consequently filling all the earth with the rich splendors of God as completely and as totally as the waters cover the sea. It is pure life that knows no bounds or limits. It is a defeat of death in every form as exemplified in Jesus Christ, the Firstborn Son of many.

This is a book about Revolution! It is a book about power and the meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ. A judgment has taken place and now is the time for the children of God to step into the meaning of that eternal judgment as liberators of the earth.

Can you handle it? Are you ready for a shift in Christian paradigm?

If so...join The Revolution!

About the Author

Rand Swift has spent his time in the trenches as a church planter, international speaker, spiritual revolutionary for Jesus and an observer of the Christian faith. As a son of God, Swift considers himself an 'International Freedom Fighter'. He speaks as a voice of experience from great success and deep failure, uncovering with unique insights secrets of the faith that are compelling to say the least.


Swift speaks of spiritual warfare and the repolarization of the Jesus followers various realms of influence (which he refers to as a 'metron') to bring a fresh look on the mission each person born into Christ is called to effect. "To change things on a purely physical level", Swift says, "and not address the spiritual source that is the animating power behind the scenes, only rearranges temporarily the furniture in the room. But if you change the animating spirit of a thing, you change its entire future and everything expressed from that point on. Everything in life at its fundamental core is spirit and nothing is what it appears to be. Change the spirit of a thing and you alter destiny."


Swift calls himself a 'Futuristic Foundationalist' (not to be confused with 'fundamentalist') and a voice sowing insights toward the future of the global Jesus Revolution.


In "The Revolution Is On!" Swift draws back the curtain on the supernatural discussing his own personal confrontations with the demonic and the divine in all too real battles. As he looks toward the future he sees a global re-spiriting and ultimate repolarization of the earth to the life giving, liberating Spirit of Jesus Christ filling all the earth with the rich and overflowing infinite splendors of God. Between here and there remains a huge battle between light and darkness culminating in a spiritual Armageddon in a violent, naked clash of supernatural powers.


The sons of God are engaged in a global exorcism of all spiritual energy anti-to the infinite, unstoppable nature of (eternal) life. His present mission is that of awareness first and inspiring spiritual warriors to press the cause of supra-natural freedom in every geographical substructure, beginning with the liberation of people, their neighbors, neighborhoods, villages, cities and other geographies from the devouring oppression perpetrated by dark energies seeking to destroy lives instead of release them into the infinite nature of unbound and inexhaustible life. It's the Jesus mission.


The Revolution Is ON! - indeed.