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What do you mean Growth Facilitator?

There are all kinds of models surrounding you and I that deal with human healing and development. The two go hand in hand actually because every new phase of personal development involves at each level a phase of healing of ideas and concepts that may be holding us back from the next big step in our lives.


What is the  goal? Wholeness. Completeness. The highest expression of you that you can imagine in an imagination that learns to say goodbye to its previous limitations.

Growth Facilitation is a service to individuals and small groups of individuals that helps probe those areas of growth inhibition, brings an exorcism of the block and then the planting of new and expansive ideas and imaginative reference points that facilitate inner conditions of optimum growth. A person helping in this process is a Growth Facilitator. 



What do you mean Peak Efficiency?

Peak efficiency occurs when all the parts are moving in concert with no drag on the smooth flow of output potential. If you were to picture a person walking around with a series of 100 pound weights hanging off each of their appendages, it is easy to see the drag against their efficiency and nimbleness. Peak efficiency begins as the drag points against efficiency are removed and new freedom capacity to function becomes possible. The ancient term for this is what was referred to as temperance being a liberating experience of freeing the person from all the weights inhibiting their flight to excellence.


If we were mechanics working on an engine we might say, "Wow! Listen to that baby hum. It's hitting on all cylinders." and we would be referring to its effortless smooth motion, its efficiency and its subsequent power.


What do you mean Zenith?

By definition it refers to the apex of any object's trajectory. Zenith is the highest point reachable by the object in question. It is the pinnacle. It is the maximum elevation attainable. The Greeks had a special word they used to describe this apex in a person's life noted by them as arete'. It is from this word arete' that we get our English word art.


Being considered a great virtue, arete' describes that level a person reaches in which the gifts they possess are refined to such a level of excellence they take on a demonstrable beauty as the gift in them becomes an unsurpassable art form that, because of its own unique individuality, is  incapable of being duplicated by anyone else.

It begins by knowing what is in you. The mystery starts unfolding when you begin to clarify what resident gifts you have been given to possess. So we have to ask ourselves first, "Do we know them?" Second, "Are they active?" Third, "Are they being practiced and developed into a high level skill?" Or, are they buried? Are they suppressed? Are you afraid of them? Have they been stolen from you through words you've heard from others or words you've told yourself? Have they been stolen from you through the beat down of circumstances? If so, then it is time to unbury them and to raise them from the dead.


What do you mean Kaleo?

Kaleo is a word that searches deeply into us. In fact, kaleo reaches so deep it touches on our own creation and our divine destiny. Why are you here? Do you remember? Kaleo is an ancient word with spiritual meaning. It is the word from which we get our English word 'calling'  and calling is something that reaches out and beyond, into the eternal dimension where words from God, the very fountainhead of all life itself, creates everything with a beauty and purpose in mind, and this includes you.

You are no accident of nature. You have value that touches the eternal and infinite. There is an image and word of wholeness existing on an eternal scale that describes the true you perfectly. It is there in your deep memory. The Call is an eternal actuality because it was born outside of time and within you now lay the potentiality to be become what it beckons you to become and because it was born outside of time, it's never too early or too late to begin walking according to its path.

So what then is Zenith Kaleo?

Zenith Kaleo is a combination of words then that are used to describe what could be the most important secret element in every person's life. Combined and put into our language, Zenith Kaleo points us toward 'the high calling' and purpose for our unique and individual lives. Zenith Kaleo as a process in freedom examines and seeks to solidify for each person what that deep calling is on the one hand, and to discover in what ways we might apply ourselves in developing and practicing our crafts with the intention of reaching the apex of our own personal art form in whatever expression that excellence uniquely looks like, in whatever form it takes.


Yes, you do have a personal art form and it's a divine calling. Now, let's explore all the ways we can fan the flames of your own passions to pursue your divine calling to its apex, for arete' has been prepared for you. Every person is unique. Every person is created to excel. Let's join together and facilitate your growth.

The processes provided by the Zenith Kaleo method are 'Theo-centric' which is a fancy way to say they are spiritually centered. We will discuss spirituality along the way and ideas about God. What image do you hold of God? What do you believe in your life to be power? Your concepts of 'power' define your understanding of god with a small "g'' or God with a capital 'G' as the case may be, for the understanding of God (or god) is highly relevant to your belief in power. What you accepted and what you believe to be power, whether you realize it or not, is what ultimately defines how far you will allow yourself to travel along the paths of your destiny.

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime then let's get started!

The door to the future is your passage to the new and liberated you. Are you ready?

Rand Swift: Growth Facilitator at Zenith Kaleo

The High Calling. Peak Knowledge. Peak Efficiency.